MAFS: Clara Berghaus shares photos of recent hangout with castmates Paige, Haley, Briana, and Virginia

MAFS Clara Fergus beams at the camera in her wedding dress
Clara Berghaus smiles on her wedding day Pic credit: Lifetime

It has been quite a transition for Married At First Sight’s Clara Berghaus, to go from marital bliss to blissfully unmarried.

Clara gets a little help from her friends

It seems MAFS Season 12’s Clara Berghaus is getting a little help from her gal pals as she re-enters the single life. Clara posted a photo to her Instagram stories of her and all her fellow female MAFS costars with the caption “Got the band back together!”

The MAFS Atlanta ladies smile and hug over drinks and snacks as they reunite as now mostly single ladies. The last married lady standing of the Season 12 gals, is now Briana Morales, who is currently still married to Vincent Morales. The other ladies, are all now single and more or less ready to mingle.

Right on the heels of fellow costars Virginia and Erik Lake announcing their divorce, last month, Clara and then-husband Ryan Oubre, took fans and experts by surprise, by announcing their own divorce.

The couple raised the Season 12 divorce count to four and dropped the remaining couple count down to one.

So really, this picture could be the start of a remake of the “First Wives Club.”

Clara smiles with her MAFS Season 12 gal pals
Clara smiles happily with her MAFS Season 12 gal pals Pic credit:@claraoubre/Instagram

Ryan and Clara’s split took fans by surprise

Clara and Ryan’s split came as a complete shock to fans and the experts alike because while things may not have been good for the couple underneath, on the surface they seemed like a real MAFS success story. The couple was even planning an NYE vow renewal ceremony. The MAFS follow-up special showed the couple looking at venues and even making handmade centerpieces for the ceremony.

The couple was one of the more docile of the season, next to costars Paige Banks and Chris Williams roller-coaster relationship, Virginia and Erik Lake’s explosive fights, and Haley Harris and Jacob Harder’s apparent complete incompatibility.

Comparatively, Clara and Ryan’s disagreements were few and far between, and the couple seemed like they were in it for the long term. But things aren’t always as they seem, as the couple’s divorce announcement demonstrated.

Clara starts her new life

After the couple called it quits, Clara had to begin her life anew. She moved out of Ryan’s home and back into her pre-wedding apartment, that she began redecorating and making “feel like home again.” Clara also dove headfirst into her career as a flight attendant as she readjusted to life post-divorce.

Clara also reached out to her fellow MAFS ladies, including fellow costar Haley Harris, with whom she posted a teaser to her Instagram, saying how they had been thinking about moving to Los Angeles together.

It seems like Clara is finally starting to get her life back together post MAFS and post-divorce, but it seems that even if her marriage to Ryan didn’t work out, the relationships she made with her female costars will be lifelong.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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