MAFS: Chris Williams lashes out at Jacob for talking ‘crazy’ about him

MAFS star Chris WIlliams takes aim at Jacob Harder after he comments on Chris and Paige's marriage
Chris Williams lashes out at castmate Jacob Harder. Pic credit:Lifetime

Chris Williams made a promise to Married At First Sight followers that he was done with the angry rants but he didn’t hold true to that for too long.

The controversial MAFS star recently lashed out at castmate Jacob Harder and reeled off a series of angry messages on his Instagram stories.

But what has Jacob done to spark this backlash from Chris?

Jacob gives his take on Chris and Paige

Jacob, Paige, and Briana were recently featured on Married at First Sight Unfiltered.

The show, which is hosted by MAFS alum Jamie Otis, usually has current cast members weighing in on the season.

Since Chris and Paige have pretty much overshadowed the other couples with all the drama, it’s not surprising that they were a major topic of conversation.

And during Jacob’s appearance on the show, he was asked on more than one occasion to share feedback about the couple.

Unfortunately, this has gotten him into some hot water with Chris.

During one segment, Jacob commented on the moment when Paige had to move into their shared space alone after the honeymoon because Chris decided to fly to Chicago instead of going back to Atlanta with his new wife.

“Chris can hate me for commenting on it, but it’s not what I would have done,” responded Jacob.

“And I think he needs to reflect on these decisions he made because your solution was to fly back to Chicago and like leave her alone during this pivotal moment.”

Jacob said a few other things about Chris that clearly did not sit well with the 27-year-old.

Chris Williams lashes out at Jacob

The controversial Married at First Sight star had a lot to say after he caught wind of Jacob’s comments.

He wrote a barrage of angry messages on Instagram bashing his castmate and calling him boring.

“It’s a known fact that when your segment comes on people don’t care because your a** is boring!” wrote Chris.

He also wrote, “All of the people in this season talking the most s#*t have dysfunctional marriages.”

“I now have a therapist,” continued Chris. “I don’t need advice from the alcoholics anonymous club and the guy with a time machine to the 80s…I just knew you had to have a perfect marriage after you had so much wisdom for me. Apply that to yourself.”

Chris Williams lashes out at Jacob Harder
Pic credit:@Chriswiliamsii/Instagram

However, the MAFS star wasn’t done quite yet.

“Let me provide context,” wrote Chris in another message on IG.

“Week after week you have something crazy to say on Unfiltered. Jake, I don’t watch it but it was sent to me.”

“Obviously you are using my marriage to cope with why your wife didn’t like you and you old a** boots,” he added.

Chris Williams lashes out at Jacob Harder
Pic credit:@Chriswiliamsii/Instagram

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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