MAFS: Chris Williams defends Virginia amid her drama with Jake after one follower called her racist

MAFS Chris and Vincent sit and talk on the Vegas honeymoon trip
MAFS Chris Williams and Vincent Morales on the Vegas honeymoon trip. Pic credit: Lifetime

In a surprising turn of events this week, Chris Williams actually came to Married at First Sight costar, Virginia Coomb’s defense against a fan’s criticism.

In an Instagram post this week, Chris Williams posed a question to followers, asking if they were “team Jake” or “team Virginia.”

In response, a fan said they were team Jake because they felt Virginia was a racist.

Chris immediately jumped to his former costar’s defense, saying that he was not one to make things up and that he believed Virginia was not racist.

MAF’s Chris Williams defends Virginia amid her drama with Jake

He went on to say that he did not like how she responded to his specific situation on the show, but that he did not think she was racist and that she was “pro-black lives.”

This is certainly a turnaround from the ongoing feud Virginia and Chris Williams had with each other. Their disagreement dates all the way back to the Vegas honeymoon, when Chris called Virginia “a drunkard” after she attempted to give him unsolicited advice on his marriage.

However, in a recent post on his Instagram, Chris Williams gave the new MAFS Season 13 couples a few words of advice, starting with “don’t call your castmates a drunkard.” Sage advice there Chris.

So it seems our Season 12 bad boy is hanging up his trouble cap and is trying to make peace with his former costars.

Chris posts asking his followers "team Jake or team Virginia"
Chris Williams posted the question “Team Jake or Team Virginia” to his Instagram Pic credit: @chriswilliamsii/ Instagram
Chris Williams defends costar Virginia against being called a racist
Chris Williams defends Virginia Coombs after a follower calls her “racist” Pic credit: @chriswilliamsii/Instagram

The Drama between Virginia and Jake continues

The question was posted following the recent drama between Virginia and Jake during an Instagram live where MAFS’s Jacob Harder, answered fan’s questions regarding his experience on the show. Virginia jumped in the comments with some pretty low blows.

Virginia went after Jacob and Haley’s sex life, and even Jacob’s…umm…shall we say manhood? The comments sparked fans into a frenzy and many began hurling accusations at Virginia regarding her sobriety, or lack thereof during the session.

Jacob responded to Virginia’s comments by posting an additional video the following day stating he didn’t want any more of the drama. But fans were relentless. Following the recent announcement of Virginia and Erik’s impending divorce this month, Virginia has not been a fan favorite of late.

It’s no secret that Chris and Virginia were not exactly best friends throughout the season, with several very nasty confrontations during the Vegas honeymoon including one that ended with Chris trying to physically attack Virginia’s then-husband, Erik Lake.

But it seems like Chris is letting bygones be bygones by defending her against the critics.

It’s nice to see the Season 12 cast finally settle some of the drama and start to get along.

This month has been one wild ride for the Season 12 cast, between two divorce announcements and several ongoing fights between cast members, it seems like the Season 12 crew isn’t quite ready to give up the spotlight.

But with the Season 13 premiere just around the corner, hopefully the old cast can put aside their differences in order to support the new set of marriage hopefuls, putting it all on the line for love.

Married at First Sight Season 13 premieres on Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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