MAFS: Briana and Vincent are super cute together while answering fan questions about their marriage

MAFS star Vincent and Briana share their journey with fans on YouTube
Vincent and Briana share their journey on YouTube. Pic credit:@Vincentandbrianamorales/YoutTube

Briana Myles and Vincent Morales are the only ones from Season 12 of Married at First Sight that is still together. This might be added pressure for the duo to make their marriage work after seeing headline after headline about their castmates splitting up.

The lastest couple to call it quits was Ryan Oubre and Clara Berghaus — who shared news of their breakup a few days ago. Before that, we found out that Virginia and Erik’s relationship was also over.

Now it’s up to Vincent and Briana to carry the torch for their season and so far they are determined to make the relationship work. The couple started a YouTube page and during their first video, the Atlanta natives answered fan questions about their life.

Vincent and Briana answer fan questions

The Married at First Sight stars are now official YouTubers, allowing fans to follow their journey after the show.

“We’re gonna cheers to our first YouTube video,” said the cute couple. ” And for the fans that love us now and for the ones to come we’re very grateful…this is very new for us we’ve never done YouTube before so any sort of feedback, constructive criticism anything that can help us out, we’d really appreciate it.”

As they got into the questions, one fan wanted Briana and Vincent to share their favorite thing about each other.

“I would say my favorite thing about my beautiful wife is her bubbly personality,” responded Vincent. ” I think she’s funny, she’s just super fun.”

As for Briana, she said, “My favorite thing is he keeps me laughing…and he keeps me guessing for sure…so he always has a surprise up his sleeve.”

Another fan asked the couple how they have grown together after filming the show and Vincent shared, “We have way more time to spend away from people and just focus time on us and Really build on top of what we already built and privacy is key for anyone.”

“I feel like I have grown emotionally for sure,” confessed Briana. “I wasn’t a very emotional person, I kind of kept that dormant and he’s definitely brought that out of me.”

Vincent reveals biggest challenge in his marriage

Married at First Sight fans wanted to know lots of personal details about the couple and one person asked about their biggest challenges.

Vincent noted that a big challenge is, “compromising– doing things that you don’t necessarily wanna do or used to doing just to make the other person happy.”

He continued, ” You gotta do things different, you can’t keep your single ways in your marriage because the other person may not appreciate certain things or not like certain things so you gotta make it to where…you are able to make the other person happy.”

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Mary Ellen Tardiff
Mary Ellen Tardiff
2 years ago

Both of you are great! Keep it up!