MAFS Atlanta: Ryan surprised he hadn’t met Clara after learning about mutual connections

It’s possible Clara and Ryan’s paths crossed before their wedding. Pic credit: Lifetime

Getting Married at First Sight is a huge risk, but what happens when you walk down the aisle and see a familiar face at the alter? This is a huge fear for the participants and the experts do what they can to avoid it.

New husband Ryan Oubre met his new bride, Clara Fergus, and they seemed to hit it off pretty quickly. While they didn’t meet before getting married, they realized there were some situations where they might’ve narrowly missed each other.

Ryan and Clara were surprised they hadn’t crossed paths before

When it comes to Ryan and Clara, they’re off to a smooth start as not only did they connect, but so did their families.

The new couple used their first dance at their wedding to get to know each other better.

Ryan asked his new bride, “Last live concert you went to – who did you see?”

“Lil Wayne and Blink 182,” Clara replied. Ryan was shocked as the last live show he happened to be at was the same concert.

Then, on a recent episode of Unfiltered hosted by MAFS’s first lady Jamie Otis, she spoke to the new husbands regarding the on-going season. And while some couples didn’t have as much luck, Ryan and Clara quickly found some commonalities.

Jamie asked Ryan, “What’s it like knowing you already have such similarities?”

“It makes it easy, you know? Like it’s just those added benefits of shared experiences that we can have together,” he explained.

The Lil Wayne concert isn’t the only place the couple could’ve run into each other. As the newlyweds talked, they realized there was a long list of places where they could’ve run into one another.

“[There were] maybe missed connections where she was here and I was there, and it was crazy because we had so many! We had so many!” Ryan continued.

Will Clara and Ryan stay married?

Aside from their musical taste, Clara and Ryan shared instant chemistry at their wedding. Lucky for them, the event didn’t feel like a room full of strangers and even they were impressed with how well their families meshed together.

“Like, our parents were just [chatting it up]. I walked over to their table to talk to them, and I felt rude interrupting the conversation that they were having because they were just connecting so well,” Ryan explained.

While this doesn’t mean they will necessarily stay together in the end, fans are clearly rooting for these two.

Do you think Clara and Ryan will stay married on Decision Day?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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