MAFS alum Karen Landry says ‘life does get better’ after split from Miles Williams

MAFS alum Karen Landry screenshot
Karen Landry shares a life update after her split from Miles Williams. Pic credit: Lifetime

Karen Landry is still trying to heal from her shocking split from Miles Williams, but she’s doing much better.

It was a rough year for the Married at First Sight star in 2023, as it spelled the end of her marriage to Miles.

Karen wasn’t the one who decided to end the marriage, which is surprising since she was hesitant about the relationship.

The couple had a difficult start when they were first matched in Season 11, but with the help of the experts, they stayed the course and opted to stay married on Decision Day.

When the season ended, the couple seemed solid in their marriage, going on several trips and spending time with fan-favorite couple Woody and Amani.

The pair even started a YouTube page to discuss marriage and answer questions about their relationship.

In one of their last updates, Karen and Miles gave followers a tour of their new home and revealed that Miles had recently gotten a promotion at his job.

By all accounts, things were going great for the couple until we noticed they hadn’t shared any photos of each other in a long time.

Eventually, Miles revealed they had separated, but he didn’t share the details of their split.

MAFS alum Karen Landry says ‘life does get better’ after her separation from Miles Williams

Karen has come a long way over the past few months, and now she’s back to having fun after her separation from Miles.

The MAFS star recently enjoyed a day of fun at Mardi Gras in her hometown of New Orleans, and she shared lots of snaps from the event.

“Mardi Gras 2024 was a whole vibe! I got to see some of my favorites. I laughed harder than I have in years. I danced. I sang. I LIVED,” she wrote on Instagram.

Karen added, “This is a personal reminder that life does get better and that I’m so blessed! Even on the down days. I. Am. Blessed.”

Karen released her ‘fear’ and ‘self doubt’ at a recent wellness retreat

The MAFS alum has been taking things slow and healing from her split, and in late 2023, she de-stressed at a weekend retreat in New Orleans.

She also posted photos of the event and shared everything she learned about herself.

“I have to learn to release fear, self doubt, and the opinions of others to conquer this stage in my life,” she revealed.

Karen also hinted at her broken marriage in the post, revealing that she also released “a lot of lingering sadness and stress,” during the three-day retreat.

“It’s wild how much we unknowingly hold on to,” she added.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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