MAFS alum defends Emily after ‘ignorant’ viewer hints her bloody injuries were fake

MAFS stars Nicole Thielk and Emily Balch screenshot
Nicole Thielk defends Emily Balch. Pic credit: Lifetime

The latest Married at First Sight episode was a traumatic one for Emily Balch, who was left with a bloody head injury after an outdoor accident.

The scene played out in the later part of the episode, so we didn’t get to learn the extent of her injuries.

However, one “ignorant” viewer reacted to the scene and hinted that it could be fake – claiming that the blood on Emily’s head looked like “hot pink.”

Viewers took to the comments to blast the critic for the cruel insinuation, including MAFS Season 16 alum Nicole Thielk, who’s been tuned in all season.

Other people expressed concern for the 29-year-old who met in the unfortunate accident early into the couples retreat.

We already knew the retreat would be a disaster, but it took a much different turn than we expected.

Things are not going well for Emily and her husband Brennan – who has now reduced the marriage to a mere friendship.

The moment they arrived at the stunning mansion for what should have been a romantic rendevous, Brennan suggested they sleep in separate bedrooms.

Sadly, it was all downhill from there.

MAFS viewer hints that Emily’s bloody head injury was fake

Viewers have been airing concern for Emily after we saw her condition during a buggy ride that went terribly wrong.

However, after a clip of the episode was posted online, a viewer tried to hint that the MAFS star’s bloody injury wasn’t real.

“I worked urgent care for over 15 years, Is it me or did that blood look hot pink? Hope she’s ok if not,” said the critic.

Some people defended Emily and chided the woman for the cruel remark, but others also agreed that it looked staged.

However, Nicole Thielk wasn’t having any of that, and she put the critic in her place.

Nicole Thielk blasts ‘ignorant’ critic on social media

Nicole defended Emily against the naysayers and responded to the first critic, saying “you sound very ignorant. This was VERY real and VERY traumatic. Just because something *can* be staged doesn’t mean that it is.”

In the lengthy clapback, the Season 16 alum noted that the insinuation wasn’t just insulting to Emily but also her family and friends. They are now watching and reliving the horrific accident.

Nicole Thielk's Instagram comment
Nicole weighs in. Pic credit: @mafslifetime/Instagram

Before ending her comment, Nicole noted that the upcoming episode would give viewers more information about the extent of Emily’s injuries.

“When you see her head split in half then hopefully you’ll come off your soap box and find a shred of empathy,” she added.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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