Madison Stalker wonders how different Below Deck Sailing Yacht would have been without chef Adam Glick

Madison Stalker Chef Adam
Madison Stalker wonders how different Below Deck Sailing Yacht would have been without chef Adam Glick. Pic credit: Bravo and @themadstalker @chefadamglick

Madison Stalker recently appeared on Colin Macy-O’Toole’s Radio Check podcast. Colin is a previous cast member on Below Deck Mediterranean.

In the interview, she wondered aloud if the season would have been different without chef Adam Glick.

At the beginning of the season, Adam and chief stew Jenna MacGillivray started a relationship. However, their relationship was very tumultuous, with lots of ups and downs.

Madison talked about how awkward Jenna and Adam made the crew at times

Of course, the rest of the crew felt awkward when Jenna and Adam fought. They also felt strange when Jenna and Adam were always cuddling.

Madison often had tension with both Jenna and Adam during the season. She believes that the interior crew could have had a completely different relationship with a different chef.

She also believes that if the cameras weren’t there, things might have been different. Of course, the show is meant to stir up drama.

Madison also said she was often frustrated during the season. She didn’t feel heard. The rest of the crew took that feeling as moodiness.

Fans could seemingly tell that Madison got less bubbly and more focused on work as the season went on.

Madison said the crew thought she was too bubbly at first, and then too moody. She got sick of the constant comments and just kept to herself.

Madison also thinks that Jenna might agree that the interior would have been closer if she didn’t have a romantic relationship with Adam.

However, Madison said she knows things happen.

She admitted that she had a relationship with a co-worker before.

Madison seemingly threw shade at Jenna and Georgia in the podcast

Madison also revealed that she wishes she took more breaks. She felt exhausted and said she would often flip the entire interior of the boat with a day worker.

This is seemingly throwing shade at both Jenna and Georgia without mentioning them by name.

She admitted, “The only thing I would have changed was caring about myself a little more and taking a break instead of saying that I didn’t need one because I was putting the boat before myself.”

What do you think about Madison’s comments? Do you think the interior crew would have gotten along better without Adam?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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