Madison Prewett’s Twitter activity reveals she doesn’t care about Peter Weber’s recent comment

Madison Prewett
Madison Prewett doesn’t care about Peter Weber’s comments. Pic credit: ABC

It has been a few days since Madison Prewett’s interview with podcast host and former Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe went live.

The interview contained so many juicy details that it has taken fans a while to digest everything, including everything she revealed about Peter Weber.

It’s clear that fans are loving the comments that Madison made on the show because she finally offered up her side of the story.

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While Peter was not a fan of what she said, fans are now reaching out to Madison, revealing that she doesn’t need to change anything about herself.

And she has nothing to be sorry for.

Madison Prewett’s Twitter Likes says a lot

While Prewett hasn’t said anything publicly after the interview, her Twitter likes are very telling. By clicking on Madison’s Likes, fans can see what Madison has liked recently.

And many of the tweets are in full support of Madison, including how she just needs to focus on herself and continue being who she is.

Madi tweets
Madison’s tweet likes are very telling. Pic credit: @madiprew/Twitter

One person even mentioned that she should continue doing good, possibly referencing how she’s speaking out about the many things that happened behind the scenes, as Peter isn’t being completely clear about what is currently going on.

Peter is currently in quarantine in Chicago with Kelley Flanagan, another woman from his season of The Bachelor.

Madison Prewett’s side of the story didn’t sit well with Peter Weber

During the interview with Kaitlyn, Madison revealed that just two days before Peter was spotted in Chicago with Kelley, Peter had supposedly texted Madison, telling her that he loved her and wanted a second chance with her.

After those claims went live in the interview, Peter went on Instagram and slammed Madison for not telling the whole story. He then proceeded to unfollow her.

Another sad revelation was that Madison and Kelley Flanagan were close friends during The Bachelor. Madison revealed that she had called Kelley when she returned from Australia after she broke things off with Peter.

Prewett revealed she was heartbroken after learning that Kelley and Peter were quarantining together. This was something she learned on her birthday, and none of them reached out to say happy birthday to her.

It sounds like both Kelley and Peter have shut the door on Madison for good.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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