Madison Prewett reveals whether she’d give Peter Weber a second chance

Madison Prewett
Madison Prewett reveals whether she’d give Peter Weber a second chance. Pic credit: ABC

Madison Prewett has moved on with her life since appearing on The Bachelor earlier this year.

Although the show aired in early 2020, it was actually filmed in the fall of 2019, which means it has been a while since Madison pursued Peter as a potential husband.

Madison made headlines for months after she appeared on the show because of the way she handled herself with grace as Peter’s mom Barbara expressed intense dislike for her.

Madison appeared on last night’s episode of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever, and Chris Harrison asked her about Peter and her current dating situation.

Madison Prewett reveals she would not give Peter Weber a second chance

Chris wanted to know if Madison had moved on from her experience on The Bachelor and how Barbara had treated her.

She revealed that while she has moved on, the experience was tough. She admits that she cried after appearing on the show and dealing with all that Peter’s mom put her through.

Barbara was labelled “the mother-in-law from hell” during the airing of the finale.

Madison explained that she would not give Peter a second chance. The door has closed on that chapter of her life and it’s now onwards and upwards.

As for her dating life, Madison said she’s spent her time focusing on herself. She hasn’t dated since appearing on The Bachelor. Instead, she’s focusing on healing her heart, her mind, and her soul.

Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann have grown close

Madison’s interview with Chris also included Hannah Ann, another alum from the season. The two women were essentially in competition with one another for Peter’s heart, but they have grown closer since the finale.

Hannah revealed that she and Madison often talk via FaceTime and they even share food ideas. The girls laughed about their recent chat about their thoughts on the perfect chili recipe.

One person seemingly missing from the friendship is Kelley Flanagan. When she ended up with Peter, she willingly gave up her friendship with Madison.

Madison revealed that while filming The Bachelor, she and Kelley were close friends. After returning home from Australia and dumping Peter right before the finale, she called Kelley.

Madison said she was surprised to learn via the tabloids that Peter and Kelley were hanging out together in Chicago just weeks after the finale, as Peter had texted her just days prior to see if he could have a second chance with her.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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