Mackynzie Duggar spotted in Texas with the Spivey family

Mackynzie and Josie Duggar Christmas 2020.
Mackynzie Duggar has grown up a lot. Pic credit: @JessaSeewald/YouTube

The rumors about Anna Duggar and her children no longer living at the Duggar compound in the warehouse may be true.

Anna has been in Texas visiting her husband, Josh Duggar, in federal prison as he serves his 12.5-year sentence for CSAM.

Their oldest daughter, Mackynzie Duggar, was spotted spending time with the Spivey family after Hilary Spivey shared a photo of the eldest Duggar grandchild.

Hilary is a big Jim Bob Duggar supporter, so having his granddaughter at her home and in her presence is a no-brainer. Her daughter, Claire Spivey, is married to Justin Duggar, one of Mackynzie’s uncles.

Also in the photo with Mackynzie was one of her brothers. He was on the right side while she stood in the middle, looking incredibly grown up.

She captioned the carousel of photos, “Wrapped up an awesome week of vacation Bible school, and celebrated Paige’s 17th at the same time!

Mackynzie Duggar is a ‘sweet young lady’

It appears that Hilary Spivey is one of the few people Anna Duggar trusts with her children.

She was spotted at Josh Duggar’s trial in December 2021 and seemingly is a support system for Anna, especially while she is in Texas visiting her disgraced husband.

Mackynzie Duggar can be seen on the last slide of Hilary’s photo share, and when someone asked if that was Josh and Anna’s daughter, Hilary confirmed.

She also responded by saying, “@mariemiles92 yes!! She has matured so much recently! A sweet young lady!”

Mackynzie Duggar was spotted with Hilary Spivey.
Hilary Spivey gushes over Mackynzie Duggar. Pic credit: @hilaryspivey/Instagram

Will Anna Duggar move to Texas?

With Josh Duggar in Texas for the foreseeable future, many wonder if Anna Duggar will make the move with her children to be closer to him.

As Monsters and Critics recently reported, Jim Bob Duggar allegedly kicked Anna and her kids out of the windowless warehouse on the Duggar compound.

She had been said to have been in Texas visiting Josh, and with Makynzie and her brother in the photo Hilary Spivey shared, it seems to add up.

Not only does Anna have Hilary in Texas for support, but she also has her sister, Priscilla Waller. Last summer, some of Anna’s children were spotted hanging out with Priscilla and her husband, David Waller.

Whether Anna returns to Arkansas or not remains unclear. However, her children enjoy spending time with the Spiveys while she visits Josh.

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Suzanne Whitney
Suzanne Whitney
1 year ago

The few people she trust with her children???? But she trusts her husband with them… Sickening.