Anna Duggar reportedly kicked out of warehouse at Duggar compound after fight with Jim Bob Duggar

Anna Duggar in an 18 Kids and Counting confessional.
Anna Duggar reportedly isn’t living among the Duggars anymore. Pic credit: TLC

Anna Duggar no longer calls a windowless warehouse home. At least, that’s what’s being said.

The mom of seven has been living on the Duggar compound after her husband, Josh Duggar, was sentenced to over 12 years in federal prison in December 2021. They lived there together with their six children before his April 2021 arrest, and after that, he was moved to the Reber house as he awaited trial.

Rumors about the animosity between Anna and her father-in-law Jim Bob Duggar may be true. It’s been said she blames everyone else for Josh’s problems, including her inlaws.

Something reportedly happened between Anna and Jim Bob as he allegedly kicked her and seven of his grandchildren out of the warehouse they were living in over a month ago.

The reason behind the dispute is unclear, but the former Counting On personality is reportedly visiting her husband in Texas. She has family there, so she might stay a while.

So what happened between Anna and the boss of the family, Jim Bob?

Did Jim Bob Duggar kick Anna Duggar and her children to the curb?

According to The Sun, a source revealed that Anna Duggar and her seven children haven’t lived on the Duggar compound in over a month.

They said, “Jim Bob made Anna move out of the warehouse on his property a month and a half ago. They got into an argument. She’s been in Texas visiting Josh.”

The publication also shared several photos of what the warehouse looks like in real-time, with several cars parked outside, indicating no one currently resides in the windowless building.

What the argument was about wasn’t revealed, but it’s speculated it may have to do with money and support of Josh Duggar. Anna has been steadfast in her support for her husband and her belief in his innocence. She reportedly blames the people around Josh instead of him, and one of those people is Jim Bob.

And given how Jim Bob runs the show, it isn’t surprising he decided to cut her and her seven kids loose.

Where will Anna Duggar and her seven children stay?

Interestingly enough, Anna Duggar bought a house just before Josh Duggar was arrested in April 2021. She never did live there, though.

It’s unclear if she still owns the property, but moving there with her seven children may be her best option if she does. However, without work experience or any income, there are concerns about how she will live independently. After all, she’s always had help with her kids from Josh’s siblings.

Anna has family who lives in Texas. Her sister Priscilla and brother-in-law, David Waller, live there. She has sent some of her children to stay with them for days at a time, so it’s possible she could be staying with them while visiting Josh and taking time away from his family.

How this will end remains unclear, especially given Anna has seven children to take care of for the next decade alone.

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