Mackenzie McKee’s Teen Mom OG story: Her mother Angie plays big role on emotional premiere episode

Mackenzie McKee
Mackenzie McKee’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. Pic credit: MTV

Mackenzie McKee has an emotional storyline on this season of Teen Mom OG.

Mackenzie has previously opened up about her mother’s cancer battle on the show.

But this is the season where she has to say goodbye, as her mother passed away in December 2019.

During last night’s premiere episode, Mackenzie opened up to her mother about her marital troubles, revealing that they were having problems.

Mackenzie McKee has an emotional storyline this season

This season will be a tough one for Mackenzie.

And fans are feeling the emotional issues she’s dealing with just by watching the premiere episode.

As one person said, it was simply too emotional to handle, as Mackenzie tries to prepare herself for her mother not being around.

But this isn’t just for last night’s episode.

During this season, fans will see Mackenzie have the emotional talks with her children, where she prepares them for what will come. She tries to explain to her children that this is the time to say goodbye to their grandmother.

Angie passed away in mid-December after battling stage four cancer for almost two years. She outlived the doctor’s expectations by almost six months.

Mackenzie McKee’s mom gave her advice before dying

During last night’s episode, Mackenzie’s mom tried to give some relationship advice about Mackenzie’s marriage to Josh McKee.

Josh had been accused of cheating on Mackenzie, and she felt she couldn’t trust him. Her mother, Angie tried to encourage her to fight through the rumors.

“I truly believed nothing like this would ever happen. This is the most stressful, devastating situation. I’ve cried myself to bed because of how humiliated I am right now,” Mackenzie told her mom during last night’s episode. “I do not see us being together.”

But Angie believed that Mackenzie should stick with Josh, even though he may have cheated on her.

“I’ve seen marriages restored, and it worked out great,” she says. “You guys built too much up together to throw it all away. Too many young couples get divorced over stupid stuff like this, and children are just messed up. I see it too much, and I want to protect my grandkids.”

She added that she prayed for them to stay together. “You know I’m praying for you guys. Life is too short to be fighting anyways.”

But MTV viewers didn’t see it that way. In fact, they thought Mackenzie should listen to her gut and leave him if she wasn’t happy.

Even though Angie is no longer with us, it appears that Mackenzie values her advice as she remains with Josh.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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