Mackenzie McKee’s mom is in pain and has memory problems as cancer takes a turn for the worse

Mackenzie McKee
Mackenzie McKee’s mother has taken a turn for the worse. Pic credit: MTV

Mackenzie McKee has kept fans in the loop in regards to her mother’s cancer journey and last week, things quickly went downhill. Angie Douthit herself has provided updates via her Instagram, but she is no longer able to do so.

In a post shared over the weekend, it’s revealed that Angie is in so much pain and is having trouble with her memory. She’s also unable to post to social media herself. The family has revealed that Angie will be placed in hospice at this point.

Late last week, Mackenzie thanked her fans for donating money to the family. She revealed that while they hadn’t set up a GoFundMe page for Angie, she does have a PayPal set up to receive donations.

Mackenzie thanked her fans, revealing she was in tears over how much people were donating and the number of people wishing Angie well.

On Instagram, Mackenzie shared a tribute to her parents, thanking her father for loving her mother so fiercely. She also revealed that her father calls Angie his princess and she calls him her lobster.

It was late last week when Angie revealed she was back in the hospital. At the time, her doctor had told her to go to the emergency room immediately. They were concerned about Angie’s liver, gall bladder, hip bone, and brain. After running tests, the doctors’ concerns were confirmed. Things had taken a turn for the worse and her cancer had spread.

Angie shared that she had been diagnosed with stage four cancer back in January 2018. While doctors had given her just months to live, she will mark her two years on her cancer journey in January 2020 – less than a month away.

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