Mackenzie McKee shares video of posthumous birthday celebration for mom Angie

Mackenzie McKee and Angie Douthit of Teen Mom
Mackenzie McKee and Angie Douthit of Teen Mom. Pic credit: MTV

Mackenzie McKee of Teen Mom shared a video in honor of her mom’s “heavenly” birthday.

The video was filmed while her mom Angie was still alive. Mackenzie and some friends and family were dressed up as Cher, one of Angie’s favorite performers. They lip-synced Cher songs in their long black wigs, and at one point, Angie joined them and played a prop guitar.

Mackenzie’s mom, Angie Douthit passed away in 2019 from lung cancer at the age of 50. Her battle with cancer and her death were filmed for the show.

Viewers watched Mackenzie struggle with her mom’s death

Mackenzie was extremely close to her mom and rightfully struggled with her death. In a recent episode of Teen Mom, viewers watched the sentimental moment when Mackenzie called her mom and left a voicemail.

She promised herself that she would still call her mom and keep her updated with life’s plans. Mackenzie and her kids were seen moving to Florida for her job recently.

Her estranged husband, Josh McKee wasn’t sure if he would tag along. Originally, Mackenzie did not want Josh coming to Florida with her and the kids. She felt as though she needed time to sort things out before they jumped back into being a family again.

Josh had a hunting trip planned the morning she was to leave for Florida. On the ride down, Josh and Mackenzie talked on the phone. Josh pleaded with her to join her and the kids in Florida, claiming he wanted to be a good husband to her.

Mackenzie seemed flattered, but still wanted some time alone with the kids first. It seems that they eventually reconciled once again, as Mackenzie has posted pics of herself with Josh on social media.

Mackenzie delayed her original departure date to stay with her father who had heart surgery.

Fans haven’t been so supportive of Mackenzie and Josh’s relationship given how Josh has treated Mackenzie over the years.

Mackenzie and Josh have had a rocky marriage

The couple met as teenagers, and Mackenzie was pregnant at 16 with their first child. She gave birth to their first son, Gannon in 2011. Their second child, daughter Jaxie in 2014 and third child, son Broncs in 2016.

Mackenzie grew up in Oklahoma and was a competitive cheerleader when she first appeared on 16 and Pregnant. She later joined the cast of Teen Mom 3 alongside Briana DeJesus, then replaced Bristol Palin on Teen Mom OG in 2019.

Mackenzie recently announced that she has written a memoir of untold stories titled Straightening My Crown: Conquering My Royal Mistakes.

Teen Mom airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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