Mackenzie McKee grows frustrated when Josh is not onboard with their son going to therapy

Teen Mom OG star consults a therapist for her youngest son Bronx but husband Josh is not onboard
Mackenzie and Josh are not on the same page regarding therapy for their son. Pic credit:MTV

Mackenzie McKee has a lot going on in the current season of Teen Mom OG.

Aside from struggling with a rocky marriage and dealing with the recent death of her mom, Mackenzie has lots more to contend with as she navigates parenting mostly on her own.

The 26-year-old recently packed up and moved to a new state with her three kids.

To make matters worse, her youngest child, four-year-old Broncs has been exhibiting bad behavior.

In the latest episode, Mackenzie had a conversation with her husband Josh to discuss their son’s behavioral issues.

However, after Josh brushed off the issue as normal 4-year-old behavior, the Teen Mom OG star took matters into her own hands.

Mackenzie McKee consults a therapist for her youngest son

Despite not getting support from Josh, the Teen Mom OG star consulted a therapist anyway.

During the latest episode, Mackenzie made a call to a highly recommended therapist and dished about the issues she’s been having with Broncs.

He’s constantly showing anger. Refusing to follow rules and questioning authority,” shared Mackenzie.

She continued, “And I did not realize that was quite an issue until I put him in school. And they have called me every day saying that he’s biting the teacher, he drew blood to a kid, and it’s so bad that these kids are going home with bite marks on them.”

Mackenzie also shared that Broncs took a poop in someone’s garage.

After listening, the therapist told the MTV star that Broncs was reacting to being overwhelmed with stress or change and reassured Mackenzie that her son could be helped.

Mackenzie finds out son Broncs is dealing with stress

The Teen Mom OG star wasn’t shocked to hear that her youngest son was stressed.

“He’s [gone] through a lot of change this year,” admitted Mackenzie. “My mother died of cancer and it was kind of shocking to us all.”

“Me and his father have been very rocky,” continued the mom-of-three. “I’ve left him several times and left him to come here from Oklahoma to Florida. So he moved away from all of his cousins and stuff and went straight to school.”

Sadly, fans on social media were not too compassionate about Broncs’ behavior and they had quite a bit to say after the show aired.

Twitter fan bashes Josh for not being present to help Mackenzie with the kids
Pic credit:@@ToFlashy4U/Twitter

One Twitter user also told Mackenzie that her child needed discipline, but the Teen Mom OG star had a response to that.

Mackenzie McKee responds to comments about Broncs
Pic credit:@vanillaflava1/@DouthitKenzie/Twitter

“His therapist has helped me understand his pain. He missed his dad.” she retorted. “And he’s doing so much better now.”

Teen Mom OG airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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