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Mackenzie McKee caught reacting to comment about Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood’s parenting

Maci Bookout, Mackenzie McKee, and Amber Portwood on Teen Mom OG
Mackenzie McKee likes social media posts that commented on Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood’s parenting Pic credit: Teen Mom OG

The cast of Teen Mom OG appear to have great relationships with one another and are often supporting each other through difficult times.

Just last week, Mackenzie McKee shared a tweet about how proud she was of all of the moms this season and that having their lives recorded for judgment from others can be tough.

She also tweeted about mental health awareness and showed her support for her castmate Amber Portwood.

She wrote, “I’m rooting Amber on every single day. Mental health can rob us from who we truly are and is not a joke . Love ya amber.”

While Mackenzie was cheering Amber on from afar last week, fans recently caught her liking a few tweets that sent a bit of a different message.

Mackenzie likes tweets that commented on Maci and Amber’s parenting

While Mackenzie started out showing love and support for her castmates, especially for Amber, her recent behavior on social media showed quite the opposite.

Mackenzie shows support for her Teen Mom OG castmates
Mackenzie shows support for her Teen Mom OG castmates Pic credit: @DouthitKenzie/Twitter
Mackenzie shows support for Amber
Mackenzie shows support for Amber Pic credit: @DouthitKenzie/Twitter

Mackenzie recently liked fan’s tweets that painted Amber in a negative light, which directly contradicted everything she had posted previously.

One of the tweets read, “Leah and Bentley are the sweetest little human beings with a s***y a** parent.”

Bentley is the son of Maci Bookout, but fans have typically criticized his father, Ryan Edwards as being a bad parent. It’s likely Mackenzie’s support for the tweet was more geared toward Ryan than Maci as she has expressed support for the way Maci’s handled the drama with him and his family.

However, the second tweet further solidified that Mackenzie may have been criticizing Amber’s decisions.

The other tweet Mackenzie liked, which was in response to Amber calling Kristina Shirley “awful,” stated, “Leah would cuss you AAAAAALL the way out if she heard you calling Kristina ‘awful.'”

Mackenzie liked a fan's tweet painting Amber in a negative light
Mackenzie liked a fan’s tweet painting Amber in a negative light Pic credit: @phillymademe/Twitter

Mackenzie’s support of these fan tweets made fans wonder what she really thinks about her castmates and whether her initial support was genuine.

Amber has struggled with her relationship with Leah all season

Fans have continued to criticize Amber’s parenting skills after watching her struggle to maintain a relationship with her daughter Leah Shirley.

Leah expressed that she has felt neglected by Amber and often felt like she put her relationships with other men before her.

Leah told Gary’s wife Kristina that she felt like she had been more of a mother to her than Amber had been. Kristina corrected her and told her that she was more of a “bonus mom” but did tell her she loved her just like she was her own daughter.

As Amber continued to disappoint Leah by cancelling plans and not showing up to her birthday celebration, Leah’s negative feelings toward her mother continued to grow.

While Amber, Gary, and Kristina started the season off in a good place, Amber quickly took to social media to bash the two of them following several episodes. She continued to have negative things to say about Kristina during the Teen Mom OG reunion as well.

It’s unclear whether Amber will be able to mend her relationship with Gary and Kristina, but she expressed her desire to make things right with Leah.

Amber has not commented on Mackenzie’s recent social media activity and may not have seen it yet, but based on her reaction to others who have talked poorly about her, it’s likely she won’t be too happy once she does.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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