Maci Bookout shares family Thanksgiving photo after Ryan Edwards’ dad claims Teen Mom star is keeping him away

Maci Bookout on Teen Mom OG.
Maci Bookout spent Thanksgiving with Bentley amid growing tensions with his father’s family. Pic credit: MTV

Maci Bookout spent Thanksgiving with all of her children, sharing a photo of the happy family on Instagram.

The photo included the Teen Mom OG star, her husband, Taylor McKinney, and her three children, Bentley, Jayde, and Maverick.

While everyone looked happy, the holiday photo comes amid some tension between Maci and her ex and Bentley’s father, Ryan Edwards.

What is going on with Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards?

Teen Mom OG viewers have watched as the relationship between Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards has deteriorated over the years.

Ryan’s drug use and moments under the influence caught on camera shocked fans who had been wondering what was wrong with Bentley’s father for quite some time. His erratic behavior and other concerns pushed Maci to tighten up the reigns on allowing her son to see his dad.

It has been a while since Ryan Edwards has been in trouble, and despite trying to repair their co-parenting relationship, it looks like things are going well for Maci and her ex. There is a lot of history and some pretty scary threats that were sent her way, so taking every precaution is necessary.

Apparently, Maci Bookout is calling all of the shots right now. She is the primary parent and is raising Bentley alongside his siblings and her husband, Taylor McKinney.

Does Ryan Edwards see Bentley?

According to The Sun, who spoke with Ryan’s dad, Larry Edwards, there isn’t much visitation happening between the father and son.

Larry said, “Bentley right now, we can’t even see him, they’re not even allowed to see him. It is what it is.”

This happened because Maci Bookout wanted something and Ryan refused to comply.

Larry Edwards also commented, “Their relationship hasn’t been going well. It’s not any better. Something came up that she wanted and needed. Ryan wasn’t going to comply with everything she wants and needs and we’ve been shut down.”

With Jen and Larry not seeing Bentley either, there is likely more to the situation than is being let on. In years past, Maci has allowed her son to spend time with his grandparents and his dad while in their care.

While it appeared that Maci was hoping to repair things with Ryan Edwards following his getting clean and staying sober, it doesn’t look like it was possible.

Some of this will likely play out on the new season of Teen Mom OG, and it will be interesting to see what caused the falling out this time.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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