Luis Ruelas says Teresa Giudice is a ‘trendsetter’ and ‘an inspiration to countless women’

RHONJ couple Luis Ruelas and Teresa Giudice close-up
Luis Ruelas raves about his wife Teresa Giudice. Pic credit: Bravo Media

Luis Ruelas loves to rave about his wife Teresa Giudice on social media, and in a recent post, he called her a “trendsetter” and an “inspiration to countless women.”

There was no special occasion for the sweet tribute, the Jersey businessman simply wanted to give The Real Housewives of New Jersey star her flowers.

That has become the norm for the loved-up duo, who are still in their love bubble despite all the drama going on around them.

However, with every post, you can expect the critics to chime in, and this one was no different.

Not everyone agreed with the flattering compliments that Luis gave Teresa, and people didn’t hesitate to sound off in the comments.

Meanwhile, Teresa appreciated the sweet gesture and showed Luis some love on the post.

Luis Ruelas showers RHONJ star Teresa Giudice with compliments

Luis posted a slew of photos of his wife Teresa on Instagram, including one that was taken recently. Teresa looked glam in a floral outfit that she wore to film an event for Season 14 of RHONJ a few days ago.

Luis also loved the look because he posted three different images as Teresa posed. He also shared one of them both looking happy during a night out.

“Today, I want to take a moment to celebrate my loving wife Teresa ❤️,” he wrote in the caption. “She is not only my partner in life but also a true trendsetter, an inspiration to countless women across America.”

The 48-year-old also commended the OG for being a great mom to her four girls as well as his two sons.

Before ending the lengthy post, Luis added, “Thank you for being an extraordinary role model, a leader who fearlessly breaks down barriers…
Love you babe ❤️.”

Teresa responded to her husband in the comments and said, “I Lovvvvvve you so nuch thank you for coming into my life and for being you ❤️.”

Teresa Giudice's Instagram comment
Pic credit: @louiearuelas/Instagram

Critics throw shade at Luis Ruelas for calling Teresa an ‘inspiration’

While Teresa appreciated the flattering words proclaimed by Luis on Instagram, some people weren’t buying it.

“I must be missing something…how exactly is Tre an inspiration? 😂,” questioned one commenter.

“I wish she would have an inspirational way to love her brother. But she is very selfish only thinks of herself first,” said someone else.

Luis Ruelas blasted on Instagram after recent post
Pic credit: @louiearuelas/Instagram

One Instagram user asked Luis, “What barriers has she broken down?”

Another person said, “She is neither a trendsetter or an inspiration. She sends a horrible message to her girls & young girls everywhere, with all her plastic surgery & fakeness, not to mention her criminal behavior.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus.

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Judy Miller
Judy Miller
10 months ago

She is not a nice person at all, mean 2 faced selfish, she’s treated her brother and sister in law terrible, Teresa thinks she’s God’s gift, well, she’s not at all that, she is a liar

10 months ago

All the plastic she done…Looks like she has a ping pong ball on the tip of her nose and her fat lips can be used as paddles…An inspiration NOT!!! She has no idea how much she is disliked.

Joyce Ciotti
Joyce Ciotti
10 months ago

Dislike the wirch.