Luis Ruelas called out for ‘inappropriate’ post celebrating Gabriella Giudice’s graduation

Luis Ruelas selfie
Luis Ruelas was called out for an “inappropriate” post about Gabriella Giudice. Pic credit: @louiearuelas/Instagram

When Luis Ruelas isn’t busy chatting it up with the private investigators, he is celebrating the accomplishments of his stepdaughters.

Teresa Giudice’s daughters seem to like Louie and have embraced him in their mom’s life. However, viewers of The Real Housewives of New Jersey aren’t sure about him.

There’s been plenty of drama throughout Season 13 and following the reunion airing. Louie isn’t making any friends with his antics, and Teresa’s husband is being called out for his missteps.

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Louie’s current misstep (according to RHONJ fans) is the post he made celebrating Gabriella Giudice and her high school graduation. She will be off to college in the fall, but he made sure to post how proud he was of her and her accomplishment.

He wrote, “Congratulations Gabriella 🥳 I am so proud of you and cannot wait to see all the amazing things you accomplish over these next four years! I love you! Next stop, @uofmichigan.”

However, that post was called out as “inappropriate.”

Luis Ruelas called out for his Gabriella Guidice post

Interestingly enough, the post was rather endearing, but followers and some of The Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers didn’t think of it that way.

One commenter wrote, “Such an inappropriate post. She has a father”

And while it’s true that Gabriella Giudice is the daughter of Joe Giudice, he couldn’t be present for her significant milestone. His family was there, though. There was a conversation on RHONJ where Joe praised Teresa Giudice for doing such a good job with their kids, and he is known to accept Louie.

Another wrote, “This nut job talks as if he’s brought these girls up 😂😂😂”

Someone else was more focused on the Photoshop work done on the photo.

Comments about Louie's post to Gabriella.
Followers were unimpressed with Luis Ruelas’ post about Gabriella Giudice’s graduation. Pic credit: @louiearuelas/Instagram

Luis Ruelas didn’t win anyone over with the Bo Dietl comments

At this point, Luis Ruelas and Bo Dietl are synonymous. The season finale and the reunion were overtaken with comments about private investigators and Louie’s claim that he hired Bo Dietl to investigate the entire The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast.

Everyone, including John Fuda, has been making jokes about Louie and Bo. The reality is that Bo denies Louie hired him for anything to do with RHONJ, but the two have been friends for quite some time. We aren’t looking to get Bo Dietled here, but there does appear to be something fishy happening.

Several celebrities have spoken out about Louie’s behavior, including actress Jennifer Lawrence. She is a huge Bravo fan, and her opinions on Watch What Happens Live were obvious.

While the uproar over his post about Gabriella Giudice may have been a bit much, some of his other comments and actions have warranted some definite side-eyeing.

The Real Housewives of Never Jersey is currently on hiatus.

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