Luann de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan spotted filming new reality show

Luann de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan
Luann de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan new show. Pic credit: ©

Sonja Morgan’s new television show with Luann de Lesseps is filming, and the ladies look great. 

Monsters and Critics previously reported that a show featuring Sonja and Luann was to begin filming this month after contracts finished. It looked like the legal issues cleared the show to commence as the two were spotted by a Redditor, who shared a photo.

Fans dying to get their fix of The Real Housewives of New York may be delighted to learn that Luann and Sonja were filming their new show.

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Filming reportedly began on Monday and is set to last a few weeks. 

Luann de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan filming a new reality tv show small town with cameras

Thanks to a sleuthing Redditor, fans know that Luann and Sonja are filming their new show in Benton, Illinois. 

The Redditor spotted Luann de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan in their small town in Illinois. The user, u/jamer0658, shared a photo of Sonja and Luann in high spirits.

The ladies were outside on an airport tarmac with a private plane behind them. Both ladies wore summer hats, and Sonja wore a sleeveless black printed dress. Luann wore white high-waisted slacks, a sleeveless black blouse, and sunglasses.

local news station in Benton, Illinois, revealed last week that two stars would come to town and “interact with members of the community.” The filming began on Monday, but the stars were not yet revealed. 

The news continued that the purpose of the show was to highlight the difference between city life and country life while showing the city in a positive light.

Sonja Morgan and Luann de Lesseps score their own reality show

Last month, Page Six revealed Sonja Morgan and Luann de Lesseps would star in their own reality TV show in a spin-off inspired by Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton. 

Die-hard Housewives fans will recall that Bravo originally had the idea with NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak-Biermann, but it didn’t work out as planned.

The idea of Sonja and Luann’s show is comparable to The Simple Life. Sources shared that Countess Luann and Sonja would move to Middle America with “normal” people and attempt to navigate life. 

As it turns out, that small town is Benton, Illinois.

After years of living on the Upper East Side and in The Hamptons with interns and staff members, how will the women cope? Hijinks are likely to ensure, and Monsters and Critics will keep you informed with the latest.

The Real Housewives of New York is currently on hiatus.

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