LPBW spoilers: Tori Roloff says Matt Roloff is ‘very controlling’ when it comes to pumpkin season

Tori and Matt Roloff of LPBW
Tori Roloff referred to her father-in-law Matt Roloff as “very controlling” when it comes to pumpkin season. Pic credit: TLC

In a new sneak preview for an upcoming episode of Little People, Big World, star Tori Roloff told her husband Zach that his father, Matt Roloff, is “very controlling” when it comes to pumpkin season on the farm.

In the clip, Tori and Zach discussed the end of last year’s pumpkin season with their eldest child, son Jackson.

Jackson explained his favorite part of pumpkin season

“What was your favorite part of pumpkin season,” Tori asked Jackson.

“Teeter! Teeter’s my friend,” Jackson exclaimed, talking about his pet name for all five chickens on the farm.

Next, Tori asked her son, “What do you like to do at the farm?”

Jackson took this question very seriously when he answered, “I feed chickens, then a goat. Chickens then, goat! Then put chickens back in the coop.”

Tori and Zach discussed last year’s pumpkin season

Tori then turned her attention to her husband, Zach Roloff. “I think pumpkin season went well this year,” she told him.

“I thought it went well too,” Zach replied.

Tori then brought up that some things could likely be improved upon when running pumpkin season in future years.

Zach was concerned that his dad, Matt, may go overboard when it comes to making changes on the farm.

“I also don’t want to make pumpkin season too big. He had some ideas at the very end that I’m like, ‘hold on here.’ He wants to do this big expansion, but if you expand, you can never go back,” Zach told Tori.

Tori confessed that she was impressed with Zach’s involvement on the farm

“I think that Zach has really stepped up to the plate this year. I think that he’s taken more of an interest in pumpkin season, the farm – everything,” Tori confessed during her and Zach’s interview portion.

Tori added that both Zach and Matt can find ways to improve how they handle each other’s efforts during pumpkin season.

Tori said Matt is ‘very controlling’ over pumpkin season

“There’s moments that Zach definitely could have done more, but it’s hard when Matt is very controlling of pumpkin season and what happens during pumpkin season, but I think Zach needs to learn how to interject himself into pumpkin season, and Matt needs to learn how to ask Zach to come help with pumpkin season, and they have to find a balance between the two of them,” Tori admitted.

LPBW fans recently expressed that they don’t feel Zach and Tori are equipped to run the farm someday. Zach admitted that his dad, Matt, is hard to please and said he wouldn’t “chase after his approval” if he were to run the farm.

Tori asked Zach if he was “over” moving to the farm after pumpkin season and was sure to add that she felt their current home is “very nice” and that she really likes it. However, she didn’t get a response from Zach.

Fans of the show will have to tune in tomorrow to find out Zach’s response.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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J. Spurgeon
J. Spurgeon
2 years ago

Zach and Tori have large heads . Hope Mat does not allow them to take over. Zach wants to be the boss . Tori is two faced .