LPBW: Jacob Roloff’s wife Isabel responds to Ozempic claims

isabel roloff Instagram selfie june 2024
Isabel took advantage of the perfect lighting to snap a car selfie. Pic credit: @isabelsofiarock/Instagram

Isabel Sofia Rock is speaking out about weight loss.

The wife of Little People, Big World alum Jacob Roloff is a staunch body positivity advocate.

So when she received a question from a social media follower about her weight, she trod lightly.

Isabel opened up her Instagram DMs to her followers with a Q&A titled “What are ya curious about.”

One of the questions asked by a follower read, “Are you on ozempic?”

To answer the question, Isabel recorded herself outside at Roloff Farms.

Isabel reacts to being asked whether she’s on Ozempic

Admittedly, Isabel wasn’t sure how to respond to the question and was uncertain about her follower’s intentions, but she answered it anyway.

“Uh, I don’t know how to take this,” she began. “You must be trolling because, nope.”

Isabel panned her camera below her waist, giving her followers a close-up profile shot of her midsection as she ran her hands up and down her stomach and shook her head.

“Nope, not on Ozempic,” Isabel clarified. “And I don’t want to be. Nothing wrong with it if you are. I support everybody doing what’s best for their bodies, but I won’t be. I won’t be doing that, personally.”

Isabel questioned her follower’s query – likely because she wasn’t sure if it was a compliment or an insult.

If the Instagram user assumed Isabel was currently using Ozempic, they might have noticed Isabel shed some weight; conversely, they could have asked if she was using it to insinuate that she should be if she’s not.

Either way, Isabel wouldn’t have been bothered by her follower’s question.

Isabel promotes self-love on Instagram

As of late, Isabel’s Instagram feed features some videos of her, feeling comfortable in her skin after years of body image struggles.

On May 6, Isabel struck several poses as she modeled a denim jumpsuit as the song Espresso by Sabrina Carpenter played in the background.

In her accompanying caption, she wrote, “Can you tell I’m feeling myself in this? 🤭.”

On May 20, Isabel posted a video of herself modeling a sleeveless top and a skirt.

In the caption, she noted that her “younger self is screaming at the fact that I’m showing my arms like this, but growth, baby.”

Despite Isabel’s newfound confidence, some Instagram followers have criticized her efforts.

Earlier this week, she shared a video of herself standing at Roloff Farms, and in text over the video, she shared that her haters have called her “conceited.”

“When they try to say I’m conceited for loving myself but I spent years hating myself and self harming so I’ll take being called that over the alternative any day,” she captioned the Reel.

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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Why would someone want to be fat?