LPBW: Jacob Roloff speaks out on Josh Duggar arrest, says ‘everyone on reality TV will need therapy’

Jacob Roloff formerly of Little People Big World
Jacob Roloff, former LPBW star, gave his opinion on the news of Josh Duggar’s arrest. Pic credit: TLC

Jacob Roloff, known for his appearance on his family’s hit TV show, Little People Big World, has spoken out about the Joshua Duggar scandal and told his followers that “everyone on reality tv does / will need therapy.”

Jacob no longer films on Little People Big World after he accused a TLC executive producer of molesting him while he was still part of the show.

Jacob spoke out on Josh Duggar’s arrest and reality TV shows on TLC

In his IG stories, Jacob shared several slides pertaining to Josh Duggar’s recent arrest. News of Josh Duggar’s arrest for possession of child pornography broke earlier this week and startled fans of the TLC network.

In Jacob’s first slide, he shared a post from @KaraCalavera who had shared a document detailing Josh Duggar’s arrest. She wrote, “And here it is. Josh Duggar was arrested for receipt and possession of material depicting the sexual abuse of children.”

“Stunningly, it appears that praying away pedophilia doesn’t work,” she added.

Jacob Roloff formerly of Little People Big World on Instagram
Jacob shared a slide pertaining to Josh Duggar and put his own quote on it. Pic credit: @jacobroloff45/Instagram

She continued, “Until his arrest yesterday, Josh Duggar was living on a family compound full of minor children. This is after he’d molested some of his sisters years ago, one of whom was 5 at the time. The Duggar family continued to have a show on TLC.”

Jacob added his own recap of Kara’s statements, and at the bottom of the pic, in quotes, wrote, “continued to have a show on TLC.”

Jacob offered his own insight about TLC and the Duggars

In the next two slides, Jacob gave some personal insight seemingly speaking about TLC giving the Duggars a platform amid such disturbing charges and the fact that his own family is involved in a reality show on TLC.

He wrote, “When I’m emotional I say things like ‘TLC shouldn’t exist’ ‘reality tv is inherently toxic’, etc., but half of my family earns a living that way, and I don’t want to actively undercut their well-being. (Of course, the question of ‘how long should you do a toxic thing that benefits you otherwise?’ is quickly begged)”

“Rather than despair, I smoke a joint about it and try to do best by the kids in my life, and I talk about it here,” he added.

Jacob Roloff formerly of Little People Big World on Instagram
Jacob spoke out about his feeling towards reality TV after hearing of Josh Duggar’s arrest and how he deals with stress. Pic credit: @jacobroloff45/Instagram

In his last slide, Jacob told his followers, “In all seriousness though everyone on reality tv does / will need therapy [.] Everyone [.] For so many reasons”

Jacob Roloff formerly of Little People Big World on Instagram
Jacob told his followers that “everyone on reality TV does/will need therapy. Pic credit: @jacobroloff45/Instagram

Although Jacob won’t be joining the rest of his family for filming, fans of the show can catch up with the rest of the Roloffs when the show returns for its 22nd season in just a few weeks.

Little People Big World returns to the air on Tuesday, May 11 at 9/8c on TLC.

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