LPBW: Critics lash out at ‘irresponsible parent’ Audrey Roloff over son Radley’s sunburned face

LPBW alum Audrey Roloff with son Radley
LPBW fans came for Audrey Roloff when her youngest son Radley got a sunburn in Hawaii. Pic credit: @audreyroloff/Instagram

Little People, Big World fans have deemed Audrey Roloff an “irresponsible parent” after her youngest child Radley incurred a sunburn.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Audrey, her husband Jeremy Roloff, and their kids Ember, Bode, and Radley are currently vacationing in Hawaii.

Audrey sells Young Living Essential Oils for a living and earned the trip through her sales – although LPBW fans think her fame deserves the credit.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff’s 5-month-old son Radley gets sunburned in Hawaii

The former LPBW couple has been sharing pics and videos from their trip on their Instagram Stories.

Many of Audrey’s followers noticed that 5-month-old Radley was sporting a very red face.

One LPBW fan shared one of Audrey’s screenshots of her and Radley on Reddit where others took to the comments after noticing Radley’s sunburned face.

LPBW viewers bash Audrey as ‘irresponsible parent’

“God, that poor baby’s skin,” wrote one Redditor. “What drives me nuts is that she let it happen in the first place and then keeps taking him back out in the sun. Geez, give the kid a day inside to let his skin have a break ffs.”

Another one of Audrey’s critics pointed out that the essential oils she often uses on herself and her family can actually increase the chances of sunburn: “Yikes oils also can intensify your reaction to sun and make it easier to burn. ? she should know that. Poor kid.”

redditors comment on audrey roloff's son radley's sunburn in hawaii
Pic credit: u/Ok-Application-8536/Reddit

Audrey got labeled an “irresponsible parent” by another one of her critics who commented, “Having a son this exact age and knowing you can completely avoid this, just pisses me tf off. Audrey Roloff you are an irresponsible parent.”

“She should put some sunscreen on him next time,” read another sensible comment from a Redditor.

Audrey knows that sharing her private life in the public eye means she’ll encounter scrutiny at times. This isn’t the first time that LPBW viewers have slammed Audrey’s parenting choices. Earlier this year, critics labeled Audrey “lazy” for allowing her son Bode to wear big sister Ember’s hand-me-downs.

Despite the criticism on social media, however, Audrey continues to share her family’s personal lives with her 1.5 million Instagram followers.

Little People, Big World returns on Tuesday, May 17 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TLC and Discovery+.

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Melinda Johnson
Melinda Johnson
1 year ago

First of all, only some oils are dangerous out in the sun, not all, and I’m sure Audrey knows that. Second, when you have pale skin like that, even when you wear sunscreen and are diligent about reapplying, you are still going to get red. My kids are on the paler side and still get a bit red with lots of sunscreen on. She is absolutely NOT a neglectful parent. As far as hand me downs go, everybody passes down clothes to their next child. It’s the frugal thing to do. Gender neutral clothing is a thing, you know. Jeans are jeans, t-shirts are t-shirts. Socks are socks. Good grief. Do you live under a rock? Audrey is saving money, saving the environment by not using “fast fashion” and throwing away clothes, and I think it’s awesome! I’ve done these things myself when I can. Why not? Clearly these people don’t live in the real world and they’ve never done anything wrong or something. Good grief. Leave Audrey and her family alone. And this is one sick, one sided slanted article.