Love & Marriage: Huntsville returns with explosive mid-season trailer

Love & Marriage: Huntsville stars Melody and Martell Holt screenshot
Love & Marriage: Huntsville returns with explosive scenes. Pic credit: OWN

The Love & Marriage: Huntsville midseason trailer is here, and you already know that this cast always delivers.

A lot is going on with every single couple, so don’t expect any dull moments when the show returns.

The group has been dealing with cheating allegations, complicated business dealings, and lots of relationship issues, which will continue to play out.

The teaser showed some tense moments between the husbands on the cast and some explosive interactions with the women.

Furthermore, former couple Martell and Melody Holt are still not in a good place after their tumultuous divorce, but it seems Martell is still trying to get his ex-wife back.

Meanwhile, Sheree Whitfield is about to look crazy in these streets because he is supposedly dating the Bravo Housewife and was recently introduced on The Real Housewives of Atlanta as her boo.

Marsau and LaTisha confront cheating rumors again in the Love & Marriage: Huntsville trailer

The midseason trailer showed some tense moments between Marsau and LaTisha because, once again, rumors are swirling about Marsau’s alleged affairs.

That’s not the only family drama they’ll have to contend with, as LaTisha’s cousin KeKe shocked all of Huntsville due to an alleged appearance on Crime Stoppers.

Rumors have been swirling that KeKe has relapsed, and things take a chaotic turn when the group meets up for a BBQ.

As for Kimmi and Maurice, last season, they had intimacy issues to work through, and that will be addressed. At the same time, Kimmi continues to feel the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Is Martell trying to get Melody back?

If there’s one thing we know about Martell, it is that he’s still in love with Melody, but she has long since moved on, and she’s not looking back.

However, the trailer showed a scene where the two met up, and not only did Martell bring flowers but also wore a ring Melody bought him when they were still together.

Meanwhile, we already know that Melody is over Martell and his cheating ways, and her over-the-top name-changing ceremony is proof of that.

As for Tiffany and Louis, they recently welcomed a new addition, baby Ace, into the family, but the couple is struggling to get their groove back.

Stormy and her husband Courtney are also in the mix, with a lot of focus on their business, while Nell and Chris Fletcher try to find their place within the group and bring unity by hosting a trip to Houston. 

All that and much more when the show returns.

Check out the Love & Marriage: Huntsville midseason trailer below.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville returns Saturday, September 16 at 8/7c on OWN.

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