Love Island’s Maura Higgins reveals which USA Season 5 contestant she’s ‘really rooting for’

former love island uk star maura higgins at itv event
Former Love Island UK contestant Maura Higgins said there’s one cast member she’s “really rooting for.” Pic credit: © Mayhew/Landmark Media

Love Island star Maura Higgins is no stranger when it comes to drama and finding love at the villa, as she appeared in the UK show.

Maura, 32, was one of the Bombshells in Love Island UK Season 5 and finished in fourth place.

The Irish model is now a social ambassador for the show, providing behind-the-scenes insight on digital platforms through Season 5’s airing.

She’s kept a close eye on what’s gone down in Fiji, including the early drama involving a trio of castmates.

That centered around couple Victor Gonzalez and Carmen Kocourek, with Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen catching feelings for Carmen.

Along with her thoughts on that, Maura also revealed the one cast member she’s really hoping to see find love during the show.

Maura Higgins weighs in on Love Island USA 5 drama

While Carmen arrived at the villa as an early Bombshell during Bergie’s surprise return to the game, she ended up coupling with Victor. However, things went awry between them due to some he-said-she-said drama which caused an end to Carmen and Victor’s romance.

Victor indicated to Bergie that Carmen said she only had a friendship vibe with Bergie. However, when Bergie brought this to Carmen’s attention later, she denied ever saying that. That led to her confronting Victor to call him out for telling someone else how she might feel.

Victor felt disrespected by Carmen when she chose to kiss Bergie instead of him during one of the islander’s games. He mentioned that Bergie was getting “the fun stuff” despite them being a couple.

Carmen told Victor he wouldn’t dictate what she could or couldn’t do while there. She told him she was going to “step back” romantically with him due to this.

Victor confronted Bergie in front of the guys at the villa twice, leading to another chat with Carmen, Bergie, and Victor. During the discussion, Victor became upset at Bergie, accused him of causing drama, and told Carmen he didn’t care about her feelings.

“I don’t think he handled it well. Him sitting by himself. I thought it was a bit immature. She was so right in what she said. That she can do what she wants. He shouldn’t dictate to her what she should do. I didn’t like how he acted. I probably would have ended things as well,” Maura told TV Insider regarding Victor’s actions.

She mentioned another side to the story in terms of what happened during the game with Carmen kissing Bergie, despite Carmen wanting to be coupled with Victor. However, she reiterated how Victor acted wasn’t right, and many Love Island USA fans agreed, suggesting Victor should get kicked off for his “bullying” and other behavior.

“I feel lit just bruised Victor’s ego. He looked so childish. Let’s hope he sorts himself out,” Maura said.

Maura is ‘really rooting’ for one Season 5 contestant

That drama involved a sentimental fan favorite, Bergie, who developed a strong interest in Carmen once she arrived early in the season with fellow Bombshell Hannah Wright.

Maura shared that she really wanted things to work out for Bergie, who has often been portrayed as naive and inexperienced in the episodes.

“I’m really rooting for him. You can already see his confidence has grown. I love all the guys who were helping him out and the girls helping out. Now we are seeing this connection with Carmen [Kocourek], and I’m praying for that. I love them together,” Maura said.

Fans saw a disappointing development in that romantic connection during Episode 10 of Love Island USA 5, as Carmen seemingly ended the possibility of romance with Bergie.

That was due to his “compliment” to her during the Victor drama, calling her a “strong a** woman” when she was going to call him out. Carmen later told Hannah she felt Bergie pulled her into his battle with Victor. She told Bergie she saw him more like her “best friend” at the villa.

Carmen’s discussion with Bergie happened right after Victor was the one who got voted to leave the villa, with cast members making that decision based on Bergie strongly wanting to take a risk and explore romance with Carmen. If Victor hadn’t been voted to leave, it would’ve been Carmen, who was also “vulnerable” after a fan vote.

While Hannah and the other women at the villa felt Carmen was making up an excuse to no longer explore romance with Bergie, what’s done is done. However, there’s still hope for Bergie as another trio of Bombshells is on the way to the villa soon, including Emily.

Love Island USA airs Thursdays-Tuesdays at 9/8c on Peacock.

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