Love Island will begin airing twice a year starting in 2023

Love Island UK version
Love Island U.K. version. Pic credit: @loveisland/Instagram

The Love Island franchise is more popular than ever as the U.K. version is in the middle of its eighth season, and the U.S. version has moved to Peacock streaming, where it will be steamier than ever.

The franchise is so successful that more is coming in 2023.

ITV announced that the original Love Island will release two seasons a year starting next year.

Love Island releasing two seasons in 2023

Variety reports that the U.K. version of Love Island will release two seasons a year starting in 2023.

There will be a winter and summer edition.

While this might seem strange for fans who watch the show in the United States, it is possible when it comes to the show filming in locations around the world.

Right now, Love Island is airing its episodes from a villa in Mallorca in Spain. Based on the new report, the 10th season will also take place in Mallorca for the summer edition, while the ninth season will take place at the turn of the new year in 2023 in South Africa.

This will be the second time that the show had a winter season, as one aired in January 2020, also from South Africa.

Love Island producers talk increasing the show’s output

Both ITV executives and producers from the show are excited about the big move.

“‘ Love Island’ has once again proved itself to be the nation’s favorite talking point across the summer, and we’re always blown away by the show’s ongoing impact and talkability amongst our younger audience,” said Paul Mortimer, director of reality commissioning and controller at ITV2.

“So, rather than just serving up a Summer of Love, we thought we’d make 2023 the Year of Love with two full [seasons] of the show.”

Executive producer at Lifted Entertainment, Mike Spencer, also weighed in on the news.

“After eight brilliant series, we are excited to be serving up two helpings of love in 2023 by kicking off in January at a stunning new villa in South Africa,” Spencer said. “We can look forward to more romances, romances, and everything in between as we embark on another epic year of love.”

Meanwhile, in the United States, Love Island USA premieres on Tuesday, July 19, and will air six times a week on the Peacock streaming service.

Love Island Season 8 is currently airing on ITV in the U.K., and fans in the United States can watch it on Hulu, albeit about two weeks after they appear in the U.K.

All episodes of Love Island are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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