Love Island USA promises ‘naughtier games and sexier challenges

Love Island USA Season 3 women
Love Island USA Season 3 women. Pic credit: CBS

Now that Love Island USA has a release date, it is time to start learning more about what to expect from the show this season.

First and foremost, it is moving from CBS to the NBC streaming site Peacock.

CBS felt that the show was not performing as well as they hoped and offered to shop it around. NBC agreed to pick it up for at least two seasons.

However, NBC knew that it couldn’t be as good as the U.K. version as long as it was on network TV with the censors.

CBS knew this too, which is why the “steamier” moments were shown on bonus episodes last season on Paramount+ – their own streaming site. NBC didn’t want to withhold the scenes, so instead of splitting the show up, they chose to just air it on Peacock without the censors.

Love Island USA promises to get sexier on Peacock

PEOPLE reports that Love Island USA will offer naughtier games and sexier challenges since it will air on Peacock away from the network censors.

This is one thing that kept it from reaching the level of the U.K. version, which has different regulations as far as censors. The audience in the U.K. is not quite as prude as American audiences when it comes to sexual situations.

This doesn’t mean nudity or X-rated scenes; it just means that the games and contests will be a lot naughtier in theme, whereas the CBS version last season had a lot of pretty tame and boring contests and games.

The Love Island USA Instagram page revealed just as much in May.

However, there were other problems, mostly with the cast of Islanders. The originals pushed out most newcomers until breakups finally affected things, and it just didn’t seem like there was that much concern about who would end up with who in the end.

Those problems will be harder to solve, and it will just require careful planning on who is cast and when they are introduced.

Love Island USA announces release date

Love Island USA will hit Peacock on July 19. The show will air six days a week on Peacock.

This season’s show will be filmed in California, and like in past seasons, the audience will be able to vote on who they like and want to stay on the show.

The cast introductions for the original Islander should come in the early part of July.

Love Island USA Season 4 premieres on Tuesday, July 19, 2022, on Peacock streaming.

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