Love Island USA release date for Season 4 announced

Love Island USA cast
Love Island USA cast. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA is coming back, and it is coming sooner than anyone expected.

With the move to Peacock streaming, there will be a lot of big changes for the better, thanks to leaving network TV, but that didn’t put a halt on its release at all.

Here is what you need to know about the Love Island USA release date.

Love Island USA release date

Love Island USA shared its release date on Twitter, and it is just over one month away.

“Summer just got a lot hotter,” the show’s official site posted. “Streaming 7/19 only on @peacockTV.”

The image was the beach with 7/19 in the sand, along with yellow men’s swim trunks and a blue bikini top floating in the water.

Not only that, but this season’s version of Love Island USA will be streaming six nights a week since it has escaped the limitations of network television.

This season, Love Island USA didn’t go to a tropical island (or a Las Vegas pool like in the COVID-19 season). Instead, it will take place in California.

Not only that, but thanks to streaming, it will be on at the same time no matter where you live, so the fan voting will be equal whether you are on the West Coast or East Coast.

Love Island USA to be ‘steamier’

One of the biggest complaints with Love Island USA on CBS for its first three seasons was that it didn’t hold a candle to the hotter U.K. version of the show.

That is because CBS has network censors (same as ABC, NBC, and FOX). The show was limited to what it could show and also limited to what the sexy games the Islanders played were.

Viewers last season had to subscribe to Paramount+ streaming (the CBS streaming site) to see the steamier scenes. However, when moving to NBC, the network bypassed this completely, and by showing it on their streaming site (Peacock), they can show all the scenes on the regular show and not have to split it up.

Not only that, but Peacock is the same price as Paramount+, so fans who paid for that last season to see the steamy scenes will pay the same price this season and get it all in one place.

It is only just over one month away, but fans of Love Island USA are about to get a lot naughtier.

Love Island USA premieres on July 19 on Peacock streaming.

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1 year ago

This sucks. Not everyone is able to stream.