Love Island USA’s Trina talks friendship with Cashay and social media opinions

Shannon, Cash, Olivia, and Trina on Love Island USA
Shannon, Cash, Olivia, and Trina on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Trina Njoroge had a rough time on Love Island USA, first losing Jeremy Hershberg and then ending up in a love triangle with Cashay Proudfoot and Cinco Holland.

However, Trina and Cashay came out in solidarity when Cash was eliminated from the island and both women have said they won’t let a man come in between their friendship.

However, fans on social media are extremely outspoken. Cash’s fans hated Trina, Trina’s fans hated Cash, and there are even rumors of death threats from the more rabid social media followers.

Trina is having none of that.

Trina talks Cashay and Love Island USA’s triangles

Trina spoke to ET Online about her exit from Love Island USA and her feelings toward Cash.

While fans want the two to hate each other, that isn’t happening.

Trina told Cash to go after Cinco after Casa Amor.

“Casa Amor was actually really great timing for Cash and I because we had no interruptions, no distractions and we could really dive in deep with what was going on with Cinco,” Trina admitted. “I told her I’m glad that she’s following her heart.”

Trina said she was tired of waiting on Cinco. However, neither woman chose Cinco and sent him packing.

“He did get in between Cash and I, and our friendship. Luckily with Casa Amor, we created a stronger bond. I even did her makeup for the recoupling and we just hit it off,” Trina said.

“I felt like that situation, that love triangle that we were in, we realized we should never let a man get in between our friendship again. It’s beautiful.”

Trina also said that Love Island USA was only the start of their friendship and she plans to watch it grow even bigger in the future.

“That was just the beginning of our friendship,” Trina said. “We are going to have a great friendship from here on out.”

Trina dismisses social media taking sides

Trina said they plan to talk about what happened in the villa and put it all behind them.

As for the social media chatter and people taking sides, Trina has no time for that.

“I hope from this experience, people will realize that friendship comes first before relationships and never let a man get in between you and another friend or being indecisive when it comes to that,” Trina explained.

“We were the only two Black, original girls there in the villa. The last thing that we wanted is to be separated, to be divided,” she continued. “I understand that the viewers have different points of view and they’re entitled to their own opinions.

“But I think at the end of the day, all that matters is that Cash and I have resolved our issues and we are working on establishing this friendship and making it stronger.”

Love Island USA is on hiatus. Re-live season three on Paramount+.

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