Love Island USA’s Josh and Shannon heading to The Challenge

Josh Goldstein and Shannon St Clair from Love Island USA
Josh Goldstein and Shannon St Clair from Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Since the end of Love Island Season 3, only one couple remained together, and it was a couple that left the show early.

Josh Goldstein and Shannon St. Clair left Love Island USA when Josh’s sister died. Shannon gave up her chance to win the money by going with Josh and the two have remained together.

They have since gone to Florida to get a place to live there together. It seems they have the best chances of making it work than anyone in the show’s three-year history.

Now, Josh and Shannon are joining a different reality show.

Josh and Shannon from Love Island USA join The Challenge

In an early leak, Vevmo revealed that The Challenge cast has been revealed for this season, and it includes several members of the Love Island USA cast.

This includes Season 3 cast members Cinco Holland, Javonny Vega, Josh Goldstein, Korey Gandy, Cashay Proudfoot, Olivia Kaiser, and Shannon St. Clair.

Also joining the cast is Season 2’s Cely Vazquez and Justine Ndiba and Season 1’s Kyra Green.

For Josh, this was something he and Cinco hinted at after they both left Love Island USA.

While Josh said he never wanted to be on another reality TV show, he was talking to Cinco and Jeremy Hershberg, and they said they might make an exception for something like The Challenge.

It looks like their dreams came true.

Josh and Shannon should be perfect for The Challenge

Ever since Josh and Shannon left Love Island USA, they have kept fans updated with their lives.

More than that, Josh has started his own personalized fitness training modules that he holds online for fans to take part in.

Shannon is often with him, working out by his side as they lead students through HIIT workouts.

Just last week, Josh posted a new 30-minute workout where he promises a person can “get shredded with less than 30 minutes of effort a day”

Josh is a former college baseball player, a team captain, and the starting second baseman for the Southern New Hampshire University Penmen. He led them to the College World Series right before appearing on Love Island USA.

Shannon is a former cheerleader from Philadelphia.

Shannon hooked up with Josh on Day 1 in the villa on Love Island USA Season 3, and the two remain together to this day.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. The dating reality show will return to Peacock this summer.

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