Love Island USA’s Florita Diaz defends herself from criticism over how she treated Korey

Florita and Jeremy from Love Island USA
Florita Diaz and Jeremy Hershberg from Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

In shocking Love Island USA news, Jeremy Hershberg broke things off with Bailey Marshall and went back to Florita Diaz after returning home.

Bailey announced the news that Jeremy ended things with her because there was someone else. Then photos from Jeremy and Florita’s Instagram accounts showed views from the same hotel room.

While they are back together, fans are not overly happy as many still hate the way that Florita ended things with Korey Gandy on Season 3 of Love Island USA.

Florita Diaz defends her actions on Love Island USA

Florita appeared on an episode of The Unfiltered Hotline Podcast with Love Island alumn Laurel Goldman.

In the episode, she talked about her and Korey’s relationship and what happened.

“America thinks that I blindsided Korey when I didn’t. I actually had an insane amount of real connection and conversations with Jeremy,” Florita said on The Unfiltered Hotline Podcast.

“I actually opened up to Jeremy and told him something I don’t really tell anybody…the show not showing any of that, it just kind of seems like I just had a thing for Jeremy and it was a lust thing.”

It seems like Florita was talking a lot with Korey and Jeremy but the show only revealed bits and pieces of these conversations. It appears that Florita believes Korey knew what was going on the entire time and she didn’t just blindside him with her change of feelings.

Florita also flip-flops on Jeremy outside Love Island USA

The reason that most fans were shocked that Jeremy and Florita got back together was that Florita threw Jeremy under the bus after she left the show.

Florita watched the episodes and saw Jeremy doing and saying things that shocked her. She said she would never want to date him in real life after seeing this.

At the time, a fan asked Florita on her Instagram Stories about her thoughts on dating Jeremy in the future and she answered, “Absolutely not. Not after seeing his true colors.”

She then elaborated on this.

“I actually didn’t like the way he went about with Trina and I really wished I knew how it all really went down,” Florita said. “Also the fact that he lied on TV saying that he never told me that him and Aimee are more on a friendship level.”

She also said she would have stayed with Korey if she knew how Jeremy really was. It looks like that has changed now that the two are together in real life.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. You can relive the Season 3 experience on Paramount+ streaming right now.

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