Love Island USA’s Alana reveals what happened with Charlie and her opinion on the season

Alana, Bailey and Elly on Love Island USA
Alana, Bailey and Elly on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Out of the four couple finalists on Love Island USA, the one that no one expected was Charlie Lynch and Alana Paolucci.

Most fans fell in love with Alana, and she could have been a huge fan favorite if she had arrived earlier in the season.

However, Charlie was a villain the second he returned from Casa Amor and started to decide he didn’t want to stick with Cashay Proudfoot.

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When Charlie dumped Cash and sent her home, fans turned on him, making his appearance in the finals controversial, at best.

Charlie and Alana were in last place out of the four finalists.

Then, when the show ended, he seemed to ghost Alana and broke up with her just as quickly.

Now, Alana is talking about what happened.

Alana reveals post Love Island USA breakup with Charlie

Alana Paolucci did a Q&A with Love Island USA fans on her Instagram Live and answered several questions.

Many fans wanted to know what happened with Charlie Lynch after the show ended and the Islanders left the villa.

First, she was asked why there was no reunion special for Love Island USA Season 3. Many reality TV shows have these reunions so the cast can talk about things that happened on the show.

“That would honestly be so fun,” Alana said, “So much has changed in such a short amount of time. But we’re all still friends, and it’s been fun… I mean, for the most part.”

Alana Paolucci
Pic credit: @alanapaolucci/Instagram

Many of the Love Island USA cast members have had personal reunions in New York, Los Angeles, and Arizona, but there was no special on TV for the cast to talk about their experience for fans.

Another person asked if Alana was dodging questions about Charlie.

When Charlie and Alana left the villa, both said they would date in the real world and see if it worked. However, they didn’t, and Alana seemed frustrated when Charlie wouldn’t seem to commit to even trying.

“We’re not together, we’re just friends, and that is it,” Alana said to the question.

Alana Paolucci
Pic credit: @alanapaolucci/Instagram

Alana has not watched Love Island USA Season 3

Interestingly, many of the cast members from Love Island USA have not watched the episodes they appeared in.

Some have, such as Florita Diaz, who watched back and saw how Jeremy Hershberg treated the women in the show. That didn’t stop her from hooking up with him after the show ended.

However, other popular cast members like Shannon St. Clair and Josh Goldstein admitted they hadn’t watched the show.

Add Alana to that list.

When asked if she had watched the show, Alana not only said she hadn’t but didn’t plan to.

“No, and I don’t really plan on it, either,” Alana said. “I just… what am I gonna gain, you know?”

Alana Paolucci
Pic credit: @alanapaolucci/Instagram

Love Island USA is on hiatus. Fans can rewatch Season 3 on Paramount+.

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