Love Island USA star gets married to Too Hot to Handle star

Bennett Sipes and Carly Lawrence
Bennett Sipes and Carly Lawrence. Pic credit @carlylawrence_andbennett.sipes/Instagram

The stars of two different reality dating shows came together last year, and now they have gotten married.

Bennett Sipes, who appeared on Love Island USA Season 2, just married Carly Lawrence, who appeared on Too Hot to Handle Season 2.

The two young people went on the shows to find love but ended up finding it after leaving the shows, although it was primarily due to their time spent on their respective shows.

Bennett Sipes marries Carly Lawrence

PEOPLE reported that Bennett Sipes and Carly Lawrence got married last Friday at True Love Wedding Chapel in Los Angeles.

This came five months after they revealed to the world that they were dating. They officially announced their relationship on Instagram with photos of them spending Christmas together.

“They do truly love each other,” a source told PEOPLE. “They originally were going to get married in Vegas and the plan was in place and at the last minute, [they] changed their mind. They were there with friends and everything.” 

Attending the wedding were their friends, some fellow influencers, and costars from Too Hot to Handle.

Bennett let fans know with a wedding photo he posted on Instagram on Monday with the caption only listing the date, “05.20.22.”

Who are Bennett and Carly?

Carly was on Season 2 of Too Hot to Handle last year. She hooked up with Joey Joy, but they broke up after he reportedly cheated on her.

Meanwhile, Bennett was on Love Island USA back in 2020, arriving on Day 28. He hooked up with Kiersten Saulter. He then dumped her on Day 33 for Lakeyn Call. They were dumped from the villa together on Day 37.

Bennett dated Leslie Golden from Season 3 of Love Island USA. The two broke up after Leslie said she was more into girls. However, Leslie later said that she just said that so she could dump him. She later made fun of Bennett and Carly’s new relationship.

Her opinion clearly meant nothing, as Bennett and Carly kept building their relationship. Bennett even tattooed Carly’s name on his wrist in January.

Sipes posted on Instagram in January that he had never used the word soulmate until the two found each other.

Before their wedding, they also adopted a puppy together.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. The dating reality competition series will return to its new home on Peacock streaming this summer.

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