Love Island USA and Too Hot To Handle stars hook up

Bennett from Love Island USA and Carly from Too Hot to Handle
Bennett from Love Island USA and Carly from Too Hot to Handle. Pic credit: CBS/Netflix

When young people head to shows like Too Hot to Handle or Love Island USA, it is either to find love or become internet famous.

Most fans want to see the people looking for love and the drama that comes with it.

It is not often that someone from one show finds love with someone from another, but it looks like it has just happened.

A guy from Season 2 of Love Island USA is currently dating a woman from Season 2 of Too Hot to Handle.

Love Island USA and Too Hot to Handle stars hook up

Bennett Sipes has been in the news a lot lately for his dating life.

While Bennett went onto Love Island USA in the second season to find love, he has been dating other reality TV stars.

He recently dated Love Island USA Season 3 star Leslie Golden, and they even double-dated with Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama. Just like Will and Kyra, the couple of Bennett and Leslie didn’t work out either.

It didn’t take Bennett long to rebound, though.

He is now dating Too Hot to Handle star Carly Lawrence.

Bennett has posted photos of them together, including one from yesterday in Toronto, Canada, with the caption, “happy as ever in Toronto.”

Carly posted an even more intimate photo of the two kissing on Christmas with the caption, “Merry Christmas sending love to each & everyone one of you.”

Who are Bennett Sipes and Carly Lawrence?

Bennett Sipes tried to find love on Love Island USA Season 2, but he never stayed with anyone on the show.

More recently, he dated Leslie Golden from Love Island USA Season 3, but they broke up pretty quickly.

As for Carly Lawrence, she appeared on Too Hot to Handle Season 2. She had a small fling with Chase de Moor and then dated Joey Joy for a few months after the show wrapped.

She broke up with Joey around the same time Bennett broke up with Leslie, and the two seemed to have found each other. It looks like they are having a good time, and this just may be the love they’ve been looking for all along.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. The show is currently casting for its fourth season and should air in the summer of 2022.

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