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Love Island USA replacing Matthew Hoffman as narrator with UK favorite

Matthew Hoffman from Love Island USA
Matthew Hoffman from Love Island USA. Pic credit: ©

There will be some changes to Love Island USA Season 4 when it moves to Peacock next month.

Outside of the show streaming exclusively on Peacock, eliminating the network censors it had on CBS, one major name is leaving the series.

Matthew Hoffman, who was the voice of Love Island USA and often had the best quips about what was happening on the show, will not return.

The good news is that his replacement is the beloved voice of Love Island UK – Iain Stirling.

Iain Stirling replacing Matthew Hoffman on Love Island USA

Comedian Matthew Hoffman was the voice of Love Island USA. He was the voice that would make funny quips as the show transitioned between scenes, often using fun puns to describe recent situations on the show.

Hoffman would get the footage and have only a few hours to come up with his lines before sending it back, which made his comedy so impressive.

Hoffman will not return when the show premieres on Peacock next month.

The good news is his replacement has plenty of experience with voicing Love Island, and he should be able to pump out quick quips as well, even if he is not in the United States.

Iain Stirling has narrated the UK version of Love Island, which remains more popular than its U.S. counterpart.

“The moment the decision was made to bring an all-new version of Love Island to Peacock, we knew we had to get Iain on board,” NBCUniversal’s executive vice president of unscripted content Jenny Groom said in a statement.

“Iain embodies everything fans love about the show — humor, irreverence, and cheeky fun. Love Island would not be the same without him.”

While Hoffman has not responded, one exec praised working with him on Love Island USA, and Hoffman retweeted the compliment.

“@MATTHEWHOFFMAN1 was an absolute rock star for us on love island,” wrote Cali Badger, who calls themselves a “network TV exec.”

“Consummate professional and funny as hell, week in and week out. would (and hope to) work with him again in a second.”

Matthew Hoffman tweet
Pic credit: @calibadger/Twitter

Who is Iain Stirling on Love Island USA?

Replacing Matt Hoffman on Love Island USA is Iain Stirling. He is a 34-year-old Scottish comedian.

Iain got his start on the CBBC show Scoop and then recorded for the series The Dog Ate My Homework.

In 2015, Iain started working on Love Island in the UK as its narrator. He has been the voice of that show since that time, as it has entered its eighth season this year.

Fans can follow Iain Stirling on Instagram at @iaindoesjokes.

Love Island USA will premiere on Peacock streaming on Tuesday, July 19.

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