Love Island USA: How long does each season run and when will this one end?

When is Love Island Season 2 finale?
The islanders’ time in The Villa is coming to an end soon. Pic credit: CBS

Fans of Love Island USA are asking how long each season runs, and when will Season 2 end after the islanders have indicated their time in The Villa is almost up.

It seems like the new season of Love Island just started, and that is because it did just begin. After months of delays, due to the coronavirus pandemic, a new crop of singles looking for love entered The Villa on Monday, August 24.

Season 2 of the CBS reality TV show has earned mixed reviews from fans. While the Casa Amor twist was a nice change, the islanders have not won fans over the way Season 1 contestants did.

However, that hasn’t kept social media from buzzing about Love Island. The good, the bad, and the ugly are dished during each episode.

Over the past few days, viewers have noticed the islanders kept saying it is almost time to leave The Villa. Let’s break down how long the season runs and when fans can expect the Love Island Season 2 finale.

How many weeks does Love Island run?

Love Island USA had a four-week run during Season 1 in Summer 2019 with 22 episodes. Based on when CBS plans to air the finale, Season 2 will be a little over five weeks with 30 episodes.

There is a couple of reasons for the difference in season lengths. First is the coronavirus pandemic. CBS needed extra episodes to pad their content library, which was smart since production on fall TV shows was pushed back.


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The second reason is Season 2 episodes aired nearly every night of the week, except Saturdays. It is unclear if that was the network’s plan all along or if the coronavirus pandemic impacted Love Island schedule too.

When does Love Island Season 2 end?

CBS had initially scheduled the Season 2 finale for Tuesday, September 29. That date is no longer an option because of the presidential debate.

Love Island Season 2 will now air on Wednesday, September 30 at 9/8c. Fans will get the chance to choose who they want to take home the money and honor of being the winning couple.

The finale is less than one week away, and at this time, there are really only two stable couples in The Villa. If things don’t change, viewers will have a hard time figuring out who will round out the final four.

Like last year though, there is one couple that is clearly the couple that stands out above the rest.

Love Island USA airs Monday-Friday at 9/8c and Saturday at 8/7c on CBS.

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Barbara Bryant
Barbara Bryant
3 years ago

Will it be another season of love island,if so whem