Love Island USA fans picking sides between Korey and Andre for Olivia

Andre and Olivia on Love Island USA
Andre and Olivia on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

The new love triangle on Love Island USA finally has Korey Gandy competing with someone other than Jeremy Hershberg.

While Korey lost Florita Diaz to Jeremy, he backed down and chose Olivia Kaiser rather than Bailey Marshall, who went with Jeremy.

However, there was a big problem here.

While Korey had to choose between Bailey and Olivia, newcomer Andre Brunelli only had eyes for Olivia.

As a result, Andre had no one with a connection to choose and he picked to save Trina Njoroge as a friend connection so she could find someone to love in the villa.

Andre still only has eyes for Olivia Kaiser and now fans are speaking out.

Olivia was not 100% with Korey anymore

Korey had to choose between two girls.

Bailey had told Korey that she was 100% interested in him, but only if he was also 100% interested in her and she didn’t want to get stuck in a situation where another woman was involved.

Olivia told Korey that she was not 100% interested in him anymore, saying that Andre was exactly what she looks for in a guy. Olivia also told Korey that she felt a spark with Andre that she hadn’t felt with anyone else in the villa.

As a result, Korey chose not to go with the girl who wanted to be 100% into him and chose the girl who found her spark with another guy already.

While fans love Korey, many are tiring of his decision-making skills.

Love Island USA fans pick sides: Andre vs. Korey

Fans knew that Olivia wanted to be with Andre, and there are many that feel bad that Korey blocked that.

@_MishhTheMenace posted a meme on Twitter that showed someone crying behind a smiling mask, and said that was how Olivia felt when Korey chose her.

Another Twitter user named @letherosietoo wrote, “I’m saying we are gonna vote for Olivia and Korey but deep down, I think Olivia will couple up with Andre.”

@Samii2004 wrote that he sees no love on Love Island USA this season.

“The villa is as dry as the Mojave desert now. Alana don’t really like Charlie, Elly don’t really like K-Ci, Olivia don’t really like Korey, Andre don’t really like Trina, Bailey don’t really like Jeremy and we can all see it! CBS #LoveIslandUSA, just throw this season away!”

However, while Olivia is not 100% into Korey, some Love Island USA fans feel they have the most potential.

“My vote been went to Olivia and Korey cause they got the most potential whether y’all like it or not,” wrote @lovelineeee on Twitter.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.