Love Island USA fans debating who the virgin is in the villa

Love Island USA fans debating who the virgin is in the villa
Kyra, Korey and Aimee on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA has a virgin in the villa.

The news broke when the hopefuls played a game where each couple had to answer a question or do a dare. If their partner wanted to save them, they would take the dare instead.

When Shannon St. Clair and Josh Goldstein came up to the board, Josh took the card and saw that he had to spill some tea he heard about someone at the villa that no one knew.

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Shannon hit the button fast because if there is one thing she loves to do, it is spread gossip in the villa. It is literally all she has been doing over the last week.

She then jumped up and immediately told everyone there, and everyone watching at home, that she heard one of the people in the villa was still a virgin.

Shannon didn’t elaborate on it, but fans at home believe they know the truth based on clues given in this same episode.

Is Aimee the virgin on Love Island USA?

A lot of fans on Twitter immediately thought Aimee Flores was the virgin Shannon was talking about.

The main reason that most people believe it was Aimee was something she said on her date later in the episode.

When talking to Wes Ogsbury, they talked about how she was a chef by occupation. That is when she said that she won’t let just any guy “taste [her] cookie.”

Some thought this was a comment based on her career as a chef, but most saw it as her throwing in a subtle hint that she is a virgin.

“Nah I thought Aimee said “taste my cookie” I thought she was the virgin y’all,” remarked @cammiemark on Twitter.

This seemed to seal the deal about who the Love Island USA virgin was.

However, there are other guesses from fans on social media as well.

Could the Love Island virgin be Kyra or Korey?

Two other guesses from fans on social media indicate that they are not sold on Aimee’s comments making her the virgin on Love Island USA.

There are some who think it might be Kyra or Korey.

“I think Korey is the virgin. Matty called him “someone who’s only been to VIRGIN-ia”,” said @jocelyn528 on Twitter.

Korey virgin tweet
Pic credit: @jocelyn528/Twitter

Twitter user @lveislandd believed they saw a hint thanks to a look Will gave when Shannon mentioned this, saying his “face froze up like he knew.”

Kyra a virgin on Love Island USA tweet
Pic credit: @lveislandd/Twitter

Whether Love Island USA reveals this secret or not, Shannon’s gossip has fans talking.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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