Love Island USA: Bailey Marshall talks Jeremy Hershberg breakup

Bailey and Jeremy on Love Island USA
Bailey and Jeremy were on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Out of the four finalists on Love Island USA Season 3, only two seemed likely to stay together, although fans had high hopes for a third to make it last.

That third couple was Jeremy Hershberg and Bailey Marshall.

After an entire season where Jeremy bounced from one girl to the next, and never seemed to settle down, it seemed he finally found the perfect girl in Bailey.

Fans even warmed up to Jeremy once he settled into his coupling with Bailey and they finished third in the fan votes.

Once they left, Jeremy ghosted Bailey.

Bailey talks Jeremy post-Love Island USA

While it seemed Bailey Marshall and Jeremy Hershberg were a great match on Love Island USA, Jeremy had other thoughts.

Just like every other woman on Love Island USA in Season 3, Jeremy blew through Bailey and moved on.

Rumors have it that he went back to Florita Diaz, the woman he coupled with, and then helped send home to move on to Bailey.

Bailey did a Q&A with fans on Instagram and answered a few questions.

When asked about Jeremy, Bailey said, “Jeremy and I are not together anymore. He ended things with me about a week after the show. But it’s totally fine, I have no hate toward him whatsoever.”

She also said that she has remained single, which is a new feeling for her.

“I’m not dating anyone,” she said. “I’ve always been the type that goes from boyfriend to boyfriend or ‘talking stage’ to ‘talking stage.’ This is the first time in my life where I really have been completely single and not had anyone… and it’s weirdly refreshing.”

Is there anyone else from Love Island USA Bailey is interested in?

As they like to do, Love Island USA fans wondered if Bailey Marshall had an interest in any other cast members, pointing out one who is currently still in a relationship from the show.

When asked about Korey Gandy, Bailey shot that down immediately.

“Absolutely not,” Bailey said. “That’s my girl Liv’s man and I love them together.”

Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy won Love Island USA Season 3 and Korey has reportedly moved to Arizona to be closer to her.

Fans also asked if she was interested in Wes Ogsbury.

This is interesting since Aimee Flores just announced that she and Wes have officially broken up. Bailey was noncommital.

“I get asked this a lot too,” Bailey replied, “but I only met him super briefly once so [I don’t know]!”

Love Island USA is on hiatus but fans can relive Season 3 on Paramount+ streaming.

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