Love Island All-Stars gets filming start date with cast members in talks

maura higgins from love island uk 5
Love Island UK Bombshell Maura Higgins is rumored to be in talks for an All-Stars spinoff of the show. Pic credit: @maurahiggins/Instagram

Love Island All-Stars, a spinoff of the popular show where singles explore romantic connections at a tropical villa, is expected to begin filming in October.

Several former cast members, including Maura Higgins and Sophie Piper, have already been linked to the All-Stars spinoff. They appeared in recent seasons of the Love Island UK show.

Rumors suggesting the October filming timeframe arrived via an inside source cited by The Sun, so they have yet to be officially confirmed.

“Filming kicks off in Fiji in October – that’s where they film the US version of the show,” the undisclosed source told the online publication.

The rumored announcement arrived just as Love Island USA Season 5 began airing on the Peacock streaming platform earlier this week.

A format for the spinoff show hasn’t been revealed yet. However, it is likely to draw upon the design of other seasons of the popular reality TV series.

Former contestants ‘in talks’ to appear in Love Island: All-Stars spinoff

There are many former contestants for Love Island due to various international versions of the show. As previously mentioned, Maura and Sophie from Season 5 and Season 6 are two UK cast members linked to the show.

“Bosses are in talks with over 100 contestants from the US, UK, and Australian versions of the show including a controversial UK winner and one of the most memorable girls from a legendary season,” the Sun’s source indicated.

Love Island UK Season 5’s Kem Cetinay and Scott Thomas are among other contestants whose names have popped up as the rumors swirl about Love Island: All-Stars.

According to The Sun, Maura indicated she had no interest in returning to Love Island but suggested she was contacted for All-Stars and turned it down.

“I can’t see myself ever doing that again, no. I’ve been asked, but I’ve said no,” the UK cast member said, adding, “I just think, I’ve done it once, I’ve had my time on Love Island. I don’t really want to go back in time, I want to look to the future.”

That said, she is still connected with the franchise. Maura was revealed as the “social ambassador for the Peacock show” earlier this week as Love Island USA 5 episodes began to air. With that position, she’ll give fans “behind the scenes gossip” from the villa in Fiji.

What is the Love Island All-Stars format, and when will it air?

On Love Island, single men and women live in a tropical location- typically at a villa, for several weeks. As mentioned, Fiji is the location for Love Island: USA’s villa and is rumored to be where All-Stars will film.

During the season, contestants become familiar with each other via private conversations, dates, and games. The games, along with random twists or surprises, give power to contestants and various prizes.

The various men and women get to couple up, steal partners, re-couple, and evaluate their romantic connections during their time together. Some contestants are left “vulnerable” and might have to leave the island. At the end of the season, there usually is just one couple remaining as the winners.

The winning couple on Love Island USA 5 wins $100,000. They also decide whether to continue dating after the cameras stop filming them or go their separate ways.

Love Island All-Stars might use a similar format. However, it would involve former cast members from the UK, USA, and Australia participating in the various games, twists, and coupling up.

As of this writing, there’s no confirmation for the spinoff, with only rumors of the cast members mentioned above and filming starting in October. Peacock seems like the logical choice for where this spinoff would air, but it’s unknown when it could arrive.

All-Stars spinoff shows are a popular concept in reality TV. CBS’ Big Brother franchise has spawned several All-Stars seasons, with MTV’s The Challenge and Jersey Shore also releasing All-Star spinoffs in the past several years.

Love Island USA Season 5 airs Thursdays-Tuesdays at 9/8c on Peacock. The Love Island All-Stars premiere date is TBA.

All episodes of Love Island are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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