Love Is Blind’s Carlton Morton getting therapy after 911 call, suicide scare

Love is Blind: Carlton Morton in the Pod
Love is Blind’s Carlton Morton in his pod talking to Diamond. Pic credit: Netflix

Carlton Morton still struggles with backlash from Love is Blind fans for not telling his love interest Diamond about his bisexuality until after she accepted his proposal.

Carlton told TMZ he is “getting some much-needed therapy” after a cry for help on Instagram and a 911 call from his home. Authorities told TMZ that someone made a 911 call from his home in Atlanta a few hours after he made the post on social media.

Authorities told TMZ…

“someone at Carlton’s Atlanta home called 911 for a non-life-threatening injury hours after his scary social media post, and he was transported to a hospital. Carlton tells us someone wanted to check up on him.”

How is Carlton doing now?

Carlton says he’s been getting death threats “on the daily” and he feels like “the world hates him.”

Carlton says he has many regrets and has been second-guessing many of his decisions… from how he showed Diamond his “truth” on Love is Blind and even choosing to go on the show in the first place.

He is now seeing a therapist in the hopes of improving his mental health.

Carlton’s message to his fans and haters


If you watched the Love is Blind Reunion, it was obvious that Carlton was still in a very fragile state and still very much in love with Diamond.

Watching the whole reveal play out again was brutal. It brought out the ugly in both of them.

It’s a shame that Carlton didn’t tell Diamond about his sexuality before he proposed and that they never really had a chance to talk about it, calmly.

Things may have ended up very differently for these two if he had.

We hope you take the lesson from this, Carlton, and get the help you need.

We wish you all the best.

Season 2 of Love is Blind on Netflix has not yet been announced.

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