Love Is Blind reunion recap: Which couples are still married, back to dating and who broke up for good

Love is Blind on Netflix - Reunion
Singles and couples on Netflix’s Love is Blind raise their hands to say “love truly is blind.” Pic credit: Netflix

The Love is Blind Reunion didn’t disappoint.

All of our questions were answered. We also got some insight into how some of the singles and couples were feeling facing challenges in the experiment.

But first, a quick update…

Who is currently single?

• Diamond
• Kelly
• Carlton
• Mark
• Jessica

Who is married to their Fiancé from the experiment?

Lauren and Cameron
• Amber and Matt (Barnett)

Who is currently in a relationship?

• Giannina & Damian (still dating)
• Kenny (new girlfriend)

Details Please…

Kenny and Kelly

Kelly is still single, has made a few career transitions since the show, and tried dating one of her best friends (who attended her Love is Blind wedding). She says, “since the show, it’s been a lot of self-growth.”

Kenny says he could not be doing better and that the experiment allowed him to find the person he’s with now. He says, “I have the best girlfriend… for me.”

These two are both full of sh*t. He still wants her, and she realized she made a mistake.

Amber and Barnett
#FunFact: Amber is blonde now and it looks good on her.

When asked how things have been for her and Barnett, she jokingly says, “I haven’t killed him yet.”

Smiles and laughs.

Barnett concurs, saying they’ve been doing great. They’ve been “learning about themselves, traveling, and doing fun stuff.”

They moved closer to the city.

They both look equally and genuinely happy with each other.


Jessica said there were some cringe-worthy moments for her watching it all back. She said she went back home to Chicago for six months to be closer to family and “heal a little bit.”

She’s back in LA now, is ready to change course and has started dating again.

She messed up. Mark may not have been the type of guy she always pictured for herself, but Mark was exactly the type of guy she needed.

Damian and Giannina

Giannina joyfully says, “we are soooo together. I don’t want to lose this.”

Damian nods his head in complete agreement and smiles

Shocker that these two decided to stick with it.


Diamond didn’t say she’s doing okay. She’s back to school, working on her Ph.D.

Do you, girl!

Lauren and Cameron

Lauren said life for them has been “really really good,” and she’s never been as happy as she is with Cameron.

Cameron said some sweet stuff, but he talked so quietly, and slowly, I think I fell asleep for a minute.

Jokes aside, these two are the absolute BEST!


Mark says he is good, and the experiment helped him learn more about vulnerability and communication.

Gotta love this guy. Wears his heart on his sleeve for all to see.


Carlton says he’s just been “working on Carlton.” He says everything that happened on the show was “major” in his life. He rambles on again about being “fluid.”

Like anyone cares. Dude. We don’t care.

This guy has rubbed me the wrong way since the moment he mentioned his sexuality on the show. He is the one making a big deal about it. No one else.

It’s like he was intentionally trying to stir up some drama. #DramaQueen

How was dating in the pods?

Barnett is singled out for being the only guy to be seriously dating three women — Elsie, Amber, and Jessica. They show a few clips of him talking to each of them in the pods.

How different, yet also similar they were.

All three women felt secure in their relationships with him. Especially Jessica, who as we know, was hung-up on him the entire time. Even after she accepted a proposal from Mark.

He was asked if he would do anything differently.

He said he wouldn’t change a thing.

He explained that before going on the show, he was emotionally empty, and he couldn’t build these types of emotional connections. In the experiment, he was able to open up, go for it, and put all of himself out there to see if anyone would bite.

It looks like it worked, Barnett.

He regrets some of the words he used when chatting in the pods (especially with Jessica and the ‘proposal’ talk) but says he realizes he doesn’t regret anything that got him to this result.

Amber had a few choice words for Jessica about her behavior at the group parties on the show. She called Jessica out for all her ridiculous and pathetic actions when she was drunk and for her lying to and leading on Mark.

Said her true colors came out.

Jessica defends herself a little by admitting that she didn’t take the rejection from Barnett very well and said she owes Amber and Barnett an apology.

What about an apology to Mark?

I really dislike her.

Who surprised you the most when you saw them in person?

Kenny says Lauren surprised him the most. He said she is captivating and stunning. Damian agrees with him.

Diamond says she was surprised to see Mark. Really attractive. Heart on his sleeve. Beautiful person.

Face-to-face time brings new challenges

Carlton and Diamond

They start rolling the clip of Carlton’s proposal to Diamond. She gets emotional watching.

Carlton says no one can fully understand what he was going through and where his head was in that moment, and that day, to this day, “was the happiest day of my life.”

They then showed the clip of Carlton telling Diamond about his dating history. Big blow out. Disrespecting each other, etc.

Keyboard warriors

Carlton says he’s gotten death threats and thinks it’s because a lot of people have misconceptions about fluid people. Said it’s “ignorant and unfair.”

Diamond also says she’s been called a lot of horrible names and has also received death threats.

Carlton tells everyone that he came to the reunion show to “create something beautiful out if the darkness.” He pulls out a box, stands up and gets on one knee.

Diamond is like, oh no he didn’t.

Carlton says, don’t worry, “I’m not proposing…”

He apologizes again and gives her the engagement ring back as a “symbol of their friendship.” Surprisingly, she accepts it. They hug, and he looks like the happiest man on earth.

It was all very weird.

Damian and Giannina

Giannina says she respects Damian’s decision not to get married that day. She understands now that at that moment, it just wasn’t the right time.

Right now, they are happy. They each have their own places and are getting to know each other at their own pace.

Damian says he learned a lot from the whole experience and that he wouldn’t have done anything differently. He apologizes again for the decision at the altar, and the embarrassment it caused Giannina and her family.

Giannina then apologized to Damian for some of the ways she behaved leading up to their wedding day. Said she’s so happy they are where they are now, and her family loves him.

Kelly and Kenny

Kenny says he’s not embarrassed by anything that happened and is stronger for it now.

Kelly gets emotional.

From day one of watching the show back, Kelly felt like they both agreed to an “I don’t” way before their wedding day. In her heart, she wanted traditional and conventional things for her wedding.

Said her head and heart were not connecting. She tells everyone Kenny was amazing and that he’s a great guy. Says to him: “I did love you – I just wasn’t in love with you.”

Amber and Barnett

Amber says, “it’s been a wild ride… Lots of laughs and a lot of fun.”

Barnett says he’s excited they found each other.

Amber expresses that it was difficult to merge their lives at first because, for a while, she wasn’t working and was financially dependent on him. It put some strain on their relationship, but they got through it.

She also mentioned Barnett’s flirty personality and that it took them a while to figure out how to hang out and party together, be respectful and adjust to all of that.

Mark and Jessica

Jessica says she usually runs from commitment and that watching it back, it was obvious that she was working through some things.

She didn’t like the person she saw. She was drinking too much, making derogatory comments and acting like a fool. She also made it a point to say that she thought Mark was very attractive, and the physical attraction was never a concern.

She admits she shouldn’t have accepted the proposal, that she wasn’t ready for that and it wasn’t fair to him.

Mark said he felt like it didn’t work out with Jessica because it was all so rushed and intense. They were each trying to figure everything out in their own ways, and they just needed more time.

Lauren and Cameron

Lauren said life is good, they’re very happy and still learning about and from each other every day. They also got a puppy and named it “Spark” because of the spark they had between them.

Too cute.

They love each other’s families, and they have all blended and merged very well. They even had Thanksgiving with both families together, and it was beautiful.

The subject of kids came up, and Lauren said they have talked about it. Cameron comments, “hopefully soon.”

Yes, hopefully very soon, because we can’t wait to have some Love is Blind babies.

Raise your hand one last time

Can love really be blind? Everyone raises their hands

And that’s a wrap.

Season 2 of Love is Blind on Netflix has yet to be announced.

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