Love is Blind Update: Netflix promises all will be revealed in reunion special

Love is Blind
Love is Blind power couple Lauren and Cameron. Pic credit: Netflix

This past Thursday, participants of the Love is Blind experimental reality show each walked down the wedding aisle, but only two couples would leave together.

For those who haven’t yet watched, the series began with 30 males and females speed-dating in pods – small rooms divided by a floor-to-ceiling wall to obstruct their view from one another.

In the pilot episode, hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey told the participants that the central experiment would try to answer one burning question, “Is love truly blind?”

Love is Blind finale

After emotional connections were forged, marriage was the goal, as couples couldn’t see one another without a proposal. Six couples initially got engaged, though only five made it to the wedding day.

It was touch-and-go heading into the finale, as even the most solid couple of Cameron and Lauren had reservations. Show creator Chris Coelen admitted he and the crew weren’t sure which couples would walk the aisle, and which would just walk.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “I was there, I knew the stories, I knew the couples, and I still had no idea.”

It was no big surprise that Jessica broke it off with Mark. But it was a shock to most that Kelly decided to leave Kenny, as they seemed like a perfect match. Barnett and Amber were another uncertain pair, with producers hesitant that Barnett would even show up for the ceremony.

“With Damien and Gigi, it was like ‘What?!’ Literally, no idea. People are just gasping in the control room. Like, anything could happen with any of them.” Coelen said.

After the “I dos” (and “I do nots”) were exchanged, the credits rolled, leaving viewers to wonder what happens to the couples next. Did any continue dating? Did they get divorced? Have some rekindled the romance they felt in the pods?

A Love is Blind reunion

Netflix has answered fan pleas, launching a reunion special this upcoming Thursday, March 5. The episode will feature all six of the pod squad pairs, including short-lived, explosive couple Carlton and Diamond.

The show will air not on the subscription platform, but rather Netflix’s YouTube channel, opening it up to a wider audience.

Per Netflix, the show will discuss whether any participants have regrets, what it was like to watch the show after experiencing it in real life, and why they ultimately made the decisions they did.

The special is expected to answer everyone’s questions – the biggest being which couples are still together. It will likely highlight memorable moments of the show, things we didn’t see, and some on unexpected revelations.

The Love is Blind reunion special airs on Netflix’s YouTube channel on Thursday, March 5.

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