Love is Blind finale: Who will walk the wedding aisle and who will just walk?

Love is Blind - Damian
Will Damian say “I do” to Giannina? Pic credit: Netflix

Picking up mere moments after Giannina declared her feelings and spoke a genuine “I do” to her beau Damian, the Love is Blind series finale panned to a distressed husband-to-be. The beautiful blonde bride waited with bated breath to hear two precious words that would never come.

With tears in his eyes and a quiver in his lip, Damian softly said “I don’t” to his lady, thus putting an end to the saga that was their short-lived love.

Ultimately, Giannina’s faltering attitude and confrontational behavior were more than Damian could handle. Though he wholeheartedly admitted he was ready for a long-term commitment, Gigi’s wishy-washy outlook proved she wasn’t.

Their final courtship wasn’t without drama though, with Giannina sprinting from the chapel in her stilettos and sharing a sob fest with her concerned mother. When she returned, the jilted couple tried to have a civil conversation that quickly escalated. In the end, Gianniana left Damian with only a piece of her torn wedding gown to remember her by.

Barnett’s indecision flairs up

Prior to their wedding, beautiful brunette pair, Barnett and Amber, seemed to be on the same page with their plans for the future. However, going into the final episode, Amber complained that Barnett had been ignoring her phone calls with an apparent case of cold feet.

Apprehensively, Amber pressed on, primping for the big day and reminiscing about their first days together and the incredible connection they had.

On his side, Barnett readied himself as he nervously walked his mother down the aisle before sweating it out on the altar. Tensions also seemed high from anxious family members and wedding guests.

Behind-the-scenes, Amber and her mother were still on the fence about what she should do only a few seconds before she walked down the aisle.

Nevertheless, the quirky pair ignored naysayers, both gladly saying “I do” before taking off together to their fun-filled reception.

Wedding day brings trouble for Kenny and Kelly

Kenny and Kelly have flown under the radar for the majority of the series, seemingly enjoying their time together. That was until episode 9 when Kelly admitted she has been harboring feelings of uncertainty and unattraction for Kenny.

Speaking freely with her sister before the impending nuptials, she described how Kenny wouldn’t be the person she would pick out of a crowd to be her companion. Her sister quickly pointed out that her dating decision-making hasn’t always been the best, and Kenny stood heads and shoulders above all her other partners.

On the altar, Kenny earnestly made his vows to a visibly ambiguous Kelly. When asked for her forever hand in marriage, Kelly told Kenny that she loved him, but frankly stated: “I don’t.” She stepped down from the altar without a look back and walked out of the room with her head held high.

Acknowledging that their experience was authentic, but ultimately may not be meant to be, a scorned Kenny maturely addressed the room filled with their family and friends. Later, the even-keeled Kenny became upset when pressed for questions about Kelly and a future marriage by producers.

Will Jessica and Mark prove age is just a number?

Shortly before the big day, the ever-wooly Jessica recognized that Mark has changed her for the better, and that was why she should marry him. Meanwhile, Mark kept his consistent attitude, never wavering in his loving feelings for Jessica. Throughout the series event, he has always been the one to fight for their relationship, maybe even more so than the other couples.

At the wedding, Mark silently cried at the sight of his blushing bride, who gleefully walked down the aisle all smiles.

Jessica delivered her vows with heartfelt honesty before whispering an “I love you” to her potential hubby. However, not surprisingly, the woman who has been the most indecisive for the entire run of the series could not commit to Mark.

In an after interview, Jessica’s smile faded as she antagonistically declared that she wasn’t sorry for her decision, while separately, Mark wept in the arms of his beloved mother. That was the bitter end for the age-gapped pair.

Love as first sound bite

The last couple to potentially tie the knot were the first to make a commitment. Looking back, Cameron and Lauren had a true connection from their very first words. After Cameron’s proposal, the two took their first look at one another, which only strengthened the already adoring pair. Over six weeks, the love they shared in the pods seemed to grow and flourish.

Even though days before their wedding Lauren was still unsure, Cameron’s willingness to take a leap of faith seemed to be enough for both of them.

During their vows, Cameron happily cried as he declared that he felt blessed to have Lauren in his life. Likewise, Lauren acknowledged that she was grated for Cameron, who has allowed her to feel comfortable being her true self.

It was all smiles from the new husband and wife, as they walked into their picture-perfect reception, met with applause from family and friends. The ones who fell in love after six brief blind dates, ultimately proved that love truly is blind when they joyfully declared their “I dos” together.

Love is Blind is currently available for on-demand streaming on Netflix.

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