Love is Blind preview: Netflix series couples get engaged before ever seeing each other

Love is Blind preview: Netflix series couples get engaged before ever seeing each other
Nick and Vanessa Lachey host Love is Blind, a reality TV dating show on Netflix. Pic credit: Netflix

Have you ever wondered what would happen if The Bachelor and Married at First Sight got together and had a baby? That would likely result in Love is Blind, the first Netflix serialized dating show.

The Netflix series will be similar to other Netflix shows with one small tweak. It is still binge-worthy, as Netflix will release batches of episodes at the same time.

However, it will drop them in batches over three weeks, so Netflix fans can binge them in three parts, keeping the anticipation level intact for people who love the build as much as they love the reveal.

Here is what you need to know.

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey are the hosts

Shows like The Bachelor have created a star out of host Chris Harrison. However, Netflix’s Love is Blind is bringing in two bonafide stars as the hosts.

Former teen idol Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees is hosting the show with his wife, Vanessa Lachey, a former Miss Teen USA who is a long-time television personality herself.

Of course, Nick Lachey has a lot of experience in “dating television” as his entire newlywed years with ex-wife Jessica Simpson played out on their own reality show on MTV.

“Here you will choose someone to marry, without ever seeing them,” Nick said in the promo.

What is Love is Blind?

As mentioned, Love is Blind takes the ideas of The Bachelor and mixes them with the idea of Married at First Sight.

Starting on February 13 on Netflix, contestants will meet potential suitors, get to know each other, and maybe get engaged. The twist is that they never see each other during this courtship.

Instead, they will all be in individual pods and have no way of ever finding out what the other person looks like.

An interesting idea is that the contestants are also cut off from the outside world (think Big Brother). With no internet and distractions, these people have a chance to see if they can find love and make meaningful connections.

Once they decide whether or not they will propose, the couple finally gets to see each other for the first time. Love is Blind then follows the couple to their wedding day — that is if their connection can hold up once they are released back into the real world.

Love is Blind drops its first batch of episodes on Netflix on February 13 and then will release the rest over the next two weeks. There will be of 10 total episodes.

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