Love Is Blind update: Lauren and Cameron open up about life after finding love on Netflix

Cameron Hamilton holds Lauren Speed as she cuts their wedding cake.
Cameron Hamilton holds Lauren Speed as she cuts their wedding cake. Pic credit: Netflix

Love Is Blind couple Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton were one of the most successful couples on the show. To many fans’ relief, the couple is still together and thriving more than ever.

Lauren and Cameron met during Netflix’s experiment that set to prove whether love is truly blind.

The couples were forced to date blindly, only talking to each other through pods. Then, the couples had to propose to each other in order to advance to the next stage of the experiment.

They had one month to plan a wedding and get married. While Lauren had her uncertainties about the speedy nature of the process, the two got married in the end and were perceived as the strongest couple of the series.

The couple was taken back by how many fans routed for them.

“Honestly, it’s been probably 95 percent love and support — almost threatening, like, ‘You all better still be married!’” Lauren told PEOPLE after the show wrapped. “But it’s heartwarming…I’m so happy that our story and testimony is impacting the world like this. The fact that we gave the world a happy cry, it’s just cool.”

Life after the experiment

The Love Is Blind experiment took place in 2018. This meant that Lauren and Cameron had to wait a year and a half before they could share their relationship.

The two spoke with PEOPLE about how challenging it was to hold back on the natural progression of their relationship.

“It’s been so hard, especially throughout the holidays,” Lauren revealed. “For Christmas, I visited [Cameron’s family in] Maine, and it’s like I can’t even really post pictures of my family because we still have to keep it a secret. Same with the family dinners that we have with my dad. So many great moments that we’ve just shared in the past year and a half that we haven’t been able to share with the world.”

Cameron noted that even though it was tough, he’s excited to finally catch the world up with how their relationship had evolved over the past year and a half.

“Our relationship has evolved over time, of course, so it will be nice to show that evolution,” Cameron shared. “That’s a lot to catch people up on. I mean, we’re obviously fundamentally the same people in the core, but I think we’ve evolved with each other and in some ways mirrored each other, picked up each other’s mannerisms or elements of our personalities.”

They have been posting regularly on social media and sharing silly videos together as well as tell-alls that show fans the secrets of their relationship success.

Lauren and Cameron are still in the spotlight

Even though they aren’t on Love Is Blind, the couple still enjoys entertaining the public through social media.

The couple launched a YouTube channel called Hangin’ with the Hamiltons in March.

“Let me just start off by saying that I am so glad you guys came to join us,” Lauren said in the trailer. “Whether you are returning from before, you’re familiar with our story, or whether you just found us and you’re new to our house, we are happy to have you.”

“The support we have received from everyone has been amazing,” Cameron added. “All of the kind words and people relating to our story it’s just awesome to see.”

They also partnered with The Ellen Show to host Game Night With the Hamiltons.

The first episode featured a game night with their Love Is Blind costars Amber and Matt Barnett, Giannina Gibelli and Damien Powers, and Love Is Blind hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey.

The couple also signed with talent agency CAA and are allegedly in talks about working on future TV projects.

Love Is Blind is currently on hiatus on Netflix.

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