Love is Blind update: Who is still together and who is not? Here’s what we know

Love is Blind
Netflix’s Love is Blind reunion will reveal which couples are still together. Pic credit: Netflix

Love is Blind has become a cultural phenomenon since the Netflix series first dropped earlier this month. After investing in ten emotional episodes, including a jaw-dropping finale, viewers were left wondering what happens to the couples next.

Before the March 5 reunion special airs, rabid fans have been scoping the internet to find details on which pairs are still together.

What started as a guilty pleasure has become a mystery to solve, with theorists trying to piece together which couples are going strong based on their social media presence.

Married couples have made it

The first to find love, Cameron and Lauren, officially tied the knot in the finale. To find out more, viewers took to Instagram.

In December, it appeared the pair were both vacationing in Cancun at the same time… and mysteriously wearing the same yellow sunglasses. On the day of the finale, Lauren also posted a photo of the pair all smiles at their wedding, with the caption “SO MANY emotions, but the main one is happiness.”

Our prediction is that Cameron and Lauren are still married.

Although Amber complained of Barnett’s cold feet going into the big day, the duo made it official at their ceremony. Just this week, Barnett posted a photo of him holding his beautiful bride during their wedding day, with the caption: “One of the craziest, most wonderful experiences of my life.”

During Independence Day weekend, his Instagram account also showed him swimming and having fun while rocking an American flag cowboy hat. Unremarkably, Amber seemed to be wearing that same hat during the same weekend.

Our prediction is that Barnett and Amber are still married.

Love gone for good

It wasn’t a surprise to many when Jessica couldn’t make it official with Mark. Her feelings of indecision started all the way back in the pods, with her trying to determine if she felt a stronger connection with him or Barnett.

During the dating process, she showed lukewarm feelings at best for Mark, constantly concentrating on their age difference and the fact that she wasn’t physically attracted to him.

Since their failed attempt at matrimony, TMZ caught up with Mark, who stayed positive and stated that viewers would find out more during the reunion. Meanwhile, Jessica’s Instagram account shows her in a committed relationship with her dog, seemingly staying away from the dating scene.

Our prediction is that Jessica and Mark are still not together.

Viewers were shook when Kelly revealed in episode nine that she didn’t feel a physical attraction for Kenny. Though her family, friends, and viewers thought they were a perfect pair, Kelly could not commit on their wedding day.

Her Instagram hasn’t shown any photos with Kenny, with her only posting a few Love is Blind related pictures in her wedding gown and with her female costars.

Likewise, Kenny has no photos of his ill-fated love on his account, instead posting a photo of him at the U.S. Capitol with the caption “Always forward, never backwards.”

Our prediction is that Kelly and Kenny are not together.

Possible reconciliation for Damian and Giannina

One of the biggest gut punches for viewers was when Damian declared his “I don’t” to Giannina. Though she previously wavered in her feelings, she gave heartfelt vows and proudly declared she would accept his hand in marriage during their ceremony.

Unfortunately, Damian didn’t think she was truly ready for commitment. Their tumultuous relationship seemingly ended on one more dramatic note, with Gigi running away from the chapel only to return and leave Damian with a ripped piece of wedding gown to remember her by.

However, when Esquire caught up with the Venezuelan beauty to ask about her current love life, she replied: “No new love interests, no. Just the same one.”

Instagram also showed her still wearing her engagement ring while enjoying a cup of coffee on the series premiere date.

Our prediction is that Damian and Giannina have rekindled their romance.

Tune into this Thursday when all will be revealed!

The Love is Blind reunion special airs on Netflix’s YouTube channel on Thursday, March 5.

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