Love Is Blind Season 6 teaser unveils the latest singles joining the experiment

Brittany poses for a photo in the Love is Blind Season 6 cast reveal video.
Brittany is ready for real love. Pic credit: Netflix

Love Is Blind may have an alarmingly low success rate, but many viewers are still invested in the Netflix dating format.

The series has confirmed the latest singles joining the experiment as the filming shifts to North Carolina.

Will we be in for another dramatic season as people get married, only to regret it down the line?

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Probably, but the high drama keeps us returning season after season because, let’s face it, if everything were all fine and dandy, viewers wouldn’t be making the show trend every time a new batch of episodes drops in their Netflix queue.

The cast of Love Is Blind Season 6 includes:

  • Alejandra – 28, Financial Consultant
  • Amber – 31, Medical Device Sales
  • Amber Desiree “AD” – 33, Real Estate Broker
  • Amy – E-Commerce Specialist
  • Amy C. – 34 PR Director
  • Ariel – 32, Mortage Broker
  • Ashley – 32, Nurse Practitioner
  • Austin – 27, Software Sales
  • Ben – 34, Cloud Solutions
  • Brittany – 25, Senior Client Partner
  • Chelsea – 31, Flight Attendant & Event Planner
  • Clay – 31, Enterprise Sales & Entrepreneur
  • Danielle – 30, Corporate Comms
  • Danette – 33, Flight Attendant
  • Deion – 27, Software Sales
  • Drake – 32, Video Producer
  • Jamal – 32, Store Director
  • Jeramey – 32, Intralogistics
  • Jessica – 29, Executive Assistant
  • Jimmy – 28, Software Sales
  • Johnny – 28, Account Executive
  • Kenneth – 26, Middle School Principal
  • Laura – 34, Account Director
  • Mackenize – 25, Makeup Artist
  • Matthew – 37, Senior Financial Advisor
  • Nolan – 31, Management Consultant
  • Sarah Ann – 30, Customer Support Manager
  • Sunny – 34, Business Analyst
  • Trevor – 31, Project Manager
  • Vince – 35, Lawyer

The cast introduces themselves in a promotional video released by Netflix, and they seem like an exciting bunch.

Love is Blind Season 6 | Meet the Cast | Netflix

Love Is Blind has mastered the art of dropping multiple episodes a week in a way that allows fans to watch, react, and theorize about the events every week.

Love Is Blind Season 6 premiere date revealed

Love Is Blind Season 6 will premiere with its first six episodes on February 14, followed by four more episodes on February 21.

Two new episodes will launch on February 28, with the season finale set for March 6.

Of course, there will be a reunion and a catch-up series picking up with what happened after the season wrapped filming.

The After the Altar episodes are typically some of the most dramatic because we see people who have made the mistake of thinking they’ve found the significant other of their dreams, only for that ship to sail following filming.

It’s sad when it happens, but some couples showcase red flags as far back as the pods because they’re clearly incompatible but somehow decide to get married and move on to the next stage of the process.

The Love Is Blind format is not for the faint of heart

The format is not for the faint of heart because we can’t even begin to imagine how emotionally and physically taxing being in those pods is, never mind getting married to someone you barely know.

Some former contestants have called out the treatment they received while filming, and it doesn’t sound pretty.

We hope that changes have been made to better support the people showing their search for love to such a massive audience.

Love Is Blind returns to Netflix on February 14.

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